How Effective Does Dr.Numb® Cream Work on Dermal Procedures

August 25, 2015   946

All the skin treatments that are done for beauty purposes or out of medical requirements, involve pain with more or less intensity. But what is the way out to undergo a pain free treatment? It’s the use of a good numbing cream which can make the skin insensitive and not letting any pain to be felt in the body.

How Effective Does Dr.Numb® Cream Work on Dermal Procedures

The following article will tell you about this miraculous cream and its effective results that cut off the pain and make it easier for the patient to carry on the with the treatment.

Let us first start with the some insights into what a numbing cream is and what it does?
You might be thinking that it’s obvious for the pain to be felt when external stimuli will trigger the body, then what role can a numbing cream play? How does it work? Is it really a fact that a numbing cream can cut off the pain from the portion which is being treated?

1. Let us start with the very basic question -what is a numbing cream?

A numbing cream is topical anesthetic that lessens the pain by numbing the portion of the skin where the dermatological procedure needs to be done. Dr numb’s cream is one of such numbing creams that works best on skin treatments.
Lidocaine- the main ingredient
Dr numb’s cream contains Lidocaine which is an anesthetic which is applied as a base or hydrochloride salt. It causes numbness by blocking the nerves to carry the pain signals to the brain. After it blocks the signal that is to be sent to the brain, it automatically doesn’t allow the pain to be felt in the body.
All this clearly states the functionality of Lidocaine in Dr numb’s cream.

2. Is Dr numb cream effective on skin procedures?

Dr Numb’s cream has been tested to work on all types of skin procedures from tattooing, waxing and even dermabrasion. Many doctors and tattoo artists recommend it and even use it for giving painless treatments to their customers.
It has effectively worked for people who have used it so far. Dr numb’s cream has been successfully able to cut off the pain during the deadly bikini wax session which frightens most of us.

3. Is Dr Numb cream safe to use?

The quantity of lidocaine in Dr numb’s cream is as per the norms of FDA. It just contains 5% Lidocaine which is safe enough to use on skin procedures. Further, it doesn’t mix with blood causing infections or other complications, as in case of other numbing creams.
Dr numb’s cream even doesn’t interfere with quality of tattoo or with the tattoo ink. In other skin procedures as well, like bikini wax it is nowhere going to affect the quality of wax or the quality of waxing.

Steps to apply the numbing cream:

Although there is no rocket science in applying the numbing cream but there are few steps you can follow for effective and long lasting results.
1. First take a thick layer of cream and gently apply it on the portion of the skin to be treated.
2. Then, spread it properly to maximize the numbing effect.
3. Cover the area with a saran wrap.
4. After covering just leave it untouched for at least 45 minutes- 1 hour.
5. When you experience numbness then you can remove the cover. You can experiment this by inserting a blunt object and see if any sensation is felt or not.

Thus, Dr Numb’ cream is an effective way of a painless skin treatment. It has been used by many people who have received the best results.

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