Here’s What No One Tells You About Tattooing…

March 15, 2017   583

Planning to get inked this season? You are not all alone. There are many like you who gaga over tattooing for one reason or the other. But before you make any final choice, there is something you cannot afford to miss. Explore details here.Here's What No One Tells You About Tattooing...

Everyone yearns for a beautiful look, isn’t it? And this is the biggest reasons why more and more people are trying their hands on different forms of body art. Among all the types available, tattooing is certainly to make it presence felt for long. It has been loved and adored by people of every age, color, gender, and so on.

Certainly, getting a tattoo is a big decision to make. Reason being, it’s permanent and going to stay with you forever. Hence, you cannot let the ink get into your body without knowing about the process, cons, and pros. No doubt the tattoo world is super artistic and wide, but you have to be very careful and aware before you end up with any decision. For those who are thinking to get a tattoo, here is a something you must know.

The sound is terrible:

In the entire process, it is the noise of the tattoo gun which irritates you the most. Being one of the worst things about getting inked, this scary sound is well known to amplify your pain. For this it is better to carry your headphone along.
Tattoos can be expensive:

Don’t get enticed with those get a free tattoo or a discount deal. Tattoos are not supposed to be cheap. In case, you are chasing a cheap deal, you are putting yourself in danger to have a bad artwork done, infections, and lots more. This never means the parlor which charges you the most will give best result. Of course, it is the artist’s experience which will make a difference, but still, you should never compromise quality for price.
After-Care Is A Must Have:

Tattoos need after-care, and it is very important. There are some simple rules and you need to follow those in order to avoid infection. It generally includes cleaning of your tattoo regularly, moisturizing it, and protecting it from harmful sun rays. In fact, even when your tattoo fully heals, it’s highly important to keep it moisturized and use SPF to safeguard it from the sun.

It will cause bleeding:

You have to understand tattooing involved use of a needle, i.e. you’re being stabbed with a needle. And thus, you will bleed upon getting inked. Though it wouldn’t be a lot, but it can be kind like a slow bleed situation which happens when you get a paper cut. So, your tattoo will scab over just as a normal injury.

It is painful

While the artist may claim that he is an expert in making painless tattoos, the fact is that tattoos hurt. They really hurt and how much, will depend on different factors like:

  • Threshold level
  • Type of tattoo
  • Type of devices used
  • Area to be tattooed

Yes, there are certain areas which are more painful than others including ribs, feet, or anywhere with thin skin. On the other hand, the areas where you have more muscle are far less painful. Still it is painful. But not to worry!

You can count on Dr. Numb for this pain. It is a local anaesthetic cream which consists of 5% lidocaine and when applied to skin causes numbing sensation. You can use it before and tattooing to make process easy for you.

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