Hemorrhoids and Pregnancy: A Must Know for Every Woman!

October 18, 2016   985

Pregnancy is one of the most crucial times in one’s life. A woman goes through several physical and emotional changes. And then there are problems like hemorrhoids. Yes, it is highly common. Let’s find out in detail.

Hemorrhoids and Pregnancy

Firstly congratulations! As you are entering the word of motherhood, you might be getting abundance of advices. While everyone will tell you about dos and don’ts, hardly anyone will share about some awkward diseases including hemorrhoids.

Can I have hemorrhoids while I am pregnant?

Yes, if you are pregnant there are good chances that you can suffer from hemorrhoids. As you are not alone, unfortunately hemorrhoids are fairly common during pregnancy. This most beautiful event in life is marred by the misery of hemorrhoids. But the good thing is that hemorrhoids can be dealt with using a number of techniques. Let’s talk!

What are the symptoms of hemorrhoids?

It is of crucial importance to learn about the symptoms first. It is always recommended the doctor to confirm that the symptoms you are experiencing are result of hemorrhoids or it is something else which is more serious and needs to be addressed.

As far as the symptoms are concerned, most likely these are related to an increase in pressure in the pelvic region. Actually, it is due to the extra weight a woman carries and also due to the increase in blood supply to the pelvis. Don’t panic; these are normal occurrences during pregnancy. This often causes stretching, twisting and congestion of the rectal vessels.

When the pelvic pressure rises above the normal level, it leads to hemorrhoids. This is often when you become constipated. Reason is quite simple; constipation always leads to straining with bowel movements, which further leads to increased pressure and the cycle begins.

Other symptoms include pain, burning, itching, and bleeding. While pain and bleeding is linked by trauma to the blood vessels, burning and itching is often associated with a skin condition called pruritis ani.

Last note; though hemorrhoids don’t need medical attention usually, and can be treated at home but in case when you are pregnant, you need to be more careful. Just for case, you feel immense pain all of sudden, you can apply Dr. Numb and get rid of pain immediately. It is simply a lidocaine based cream which relieves you from pain, that too without any side effects.

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