Hemorrhoids: The Occurrence, Causes and Treatment!

June 14, 2016   1960

Those enlarged veins in the anus and rectum leads to the most irritating condition, called as hemorrhoids. It can cause you severe itching, burning, or /and bleeding. Being painful, it appears like a swelling in the surrounding membranes. If you are dealing with these, here is something highly useful. Read on to know more.


Are you facing hemorrhoids? Don’t be afraid. You are not the only one. In fact, there are millions of Americans who are suffering from hemorrhoids. All over the world, around 75 percent of people suffer from hemorrhoids at some point in their lives. Moreover, this is one of the most common problems which people are unaware of, until they start experiencing pain or protrusions.

When it comes to the causes of hemorrhoids, there is a long list. It can be due to;

  • Straining during a bowel movement
  • Severe coughing
  • Heavy lifting
  • Childbirth
  • And even constant sitting

Being an unpleasant condition, it is very painful and interfere your life. While the pain is too hard to get rid of, these hemorrhoids can be intense itchy. The worst thing is that, hemorrhoids are widely misunderstood, and yes, it is incorrectly characterized as a disease for the elderly. Several statistics show that even the small children are not exempted from developing hemorrhoids.

How to treat hemorrhoids?

Although there are several medications available, yet it is advisable to go for natural ways. So, here are the right ways to opt;

Cold compress:

It will simply help the hemorrhoids to shrink. Reducing the pain significantly, it serves you with and instant relief from itching. Once the swelling is reduced, it will be easier to pass stools. For this, just wrap some ice in a clean cloth. Now directly apply it over the hemorrhoids. Repeat it several times a day to constrict the blood vessels. Hemorrhoids will reduce effectively.

Apple Cider Vinegar:
Applying pure and natural apple cider vinegar can prove to be highly beneficial in treating this skin condition. Especially, for external hemorrhoids, you can use it directly with help of a cotton ball. Just soak it with apple cider vinegar and apply it on the hemorrhoids for instant relief. Here, it is important to note that it might cause a stinging sensation. But yes, it will decrease the itching and pain instantly. And in case, you are dealing with internal hemorrhoids, consuming a teaspoon of vinegar with water can prove to be helpful.

Psyllium husk:

While you are suffering from hemorrhoids, hard stools may worsen your problem. It can cause you greater bleeding and pain. Here comes the rescue to it, psyllium husk. Being crammed with fiber, it simply makes stools softer and eases the movements. You can have it regularly and reduce stress in the swollen veins.


Certainly, dryness aggravates hemorrhoids. It can even cause excessive bleeding. Hence, it is suggested not to use a dry tissue to wipe the affected area. The reason being, it may cause unwanted scratches which will just worsen the swollen vessels. Here, you can use a non-perfumed and non-medicated wet tissue to wipe off. Another thing you can do is that to place vitamin E capsules in the opening of the anus. While it will sooth the area, it will re-hydrate it ideally.

Tea Tree oil:

The benefits of tea tree oil are well known for skin conditions like scabies. But, do you know that it can helpful in reducing inflammation and curing hemorrhoids naturally? Though it is very strong, yet it can be diluted by mixing it with carrier oil and used for treatment. All you need to do is mix one or two drops of tea tree oil and carrier oil, say castor oil or sweet almond oil. Now apply the blend directly over the inflamed area using a clean cotton swab.

While over-the-counter cream or other chemical based product can cause side effects, like skin rash, inflammation and skin thinning, these natural solutions are highly safe. So, go for them and say good-bye hemorrhoids!

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