Are Hand Poked Tattoos Really Painful?

November 17, 2016   476

Hand poked tattoos are cool and distinctly attractive! As it is needle art, it is obvious to be worried about the pain and other risks associated with machine tattoos. Read here to find your answers.

Hand Poked Tattoo

Hand poked tattoos are in constant rage amidst the popularity of those made by machine. This is because it sounds like DIY tattoo art without that level of expertise. Plus, the poking creates some unique and distinctive designs that are really impressive. Hand poked tattoo is the ancient tattooing art that is returning to its roots. It is an organic approach towards the modern tattooing which is plagued by rumors of infection and health issues. So, that’s the appreciation for the hand poked tattoos as far as we can do.

But like their machine counterparts, hand poked tattoos are not free from several doubts, with the pain factor being the most asked one. Since it is done with needles, it is quite obvious to think about how much pain you’ll experience while getting it.

How You Exactly Feel While Getting Stick and Poke Tattoo?

It is quite obvious to think about pain level if it is your very first time to get a stick and poke tattoos. But the experience is quite different from machine work, which some people find difficult to deal with.

Good thing is that stick and poke tattoo is not painful, not at all nasty, and without the “traumatization” of machine. You won’t feel anything “high and low” like in machine tattooing as the process remains rhythmical throughout. Hand poking tattooing is relaxing and chances are you take a light nap while process is going on. In nutshell, hand poked tattoos should be taken as the time to enjoy and relax.

However, it is longer process which can be justified as it is done with the hand. This is why a large hand poked tattoo takes several sessions to be completed.

If you are not comfortable with poking of needles into your skin, you can use Dr. Numb numbing cream one hour before for a pain free hand poked tattoo session.

What are the Best Aftercare Strategies for Hand Poked Tattoos?

Hand poked tattoo heals quickly as the process reaches less damage to the skin, compared with the deep penetration of tattoo machine. There is less or no swelling or inflammation after getting hand poked tattoo. However, you will see red lesions due to the “needle work” which go away within 1-2 days.

However, since it involves skin piercing, you have to be very careful while performing it:

  • Although it sounds easy process, do it only if you know it or otherwise hire professional artist
  • Make sure the needles are new and specific for that job
  • Select the quality tattoo ink
  • Leave it if your skin is getting swelling or you are uncomfortable
  • Follow the aftercare rigidly
  • Choose the design of your taste

So this is all about hand poked tattoo! They are not painful while being comfortable than tattoos made by the tattoo machine.

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