What is Green Soap and Why Every Tattoo Artist Love to Have it?

October 10, 2016   1313

What is green soap and why is it used by tattoo artists? Find your all queries relating to green soap here.

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Apart from tattoo needles, numbing cream, posters, tattoo machine, green soap is the common thing to be found at every tattoo studio. Have you ever thought why this green soap? Can’t they use yellow soap or white soap like we do?

Well, it is obvious to have curiosity, especially when you don’t know why it is at the studio. You may find your tattoo artist so busy to answer your queries regarding this or you hesitate to ask this. This is why we have come up with this blog to tell you everything about green soap you always want to know.

What is Green Soap?

Well, this would be the much awaited question from your side. We know it.

Green soap is vegetable oil-based, plant based and water friendly soap, meaning that it would be ecofriendly and safe soap. Generally, it is packed in a Nalgene squeeze bottles which are wrapped in plastic to avoid cross contamination. Due to its strong concentration, it requires dilution before use.

Why it is Green?

This is because it is made from the green tint, rather than ectoplasmic coloring! It is herbal and dye free soap and the use of glycerin and vegetable oil makes it look green.

What are the Uses of Green Soap?

It is eco-friendly and green in color. So, is this the only reason tattoo artist love it? Now, get ready to know what exactly green soap does. A green soap is used in tattoo and piercing studios for everything from preparing the tattoo or piercing spot to cleaning tattoo tools. Green soap effectively removes blood, dirt and tattoo ink. Its non-corrosive quality makes it a safe soaking solution to clean equipment.

Why They Can’t Use Regular Disinfectant Soap?

Green soap is preferred over the regular soap because it has healing effect on the skin. The soap is rich in moisturizing oils, preventing the skin irritation. On the other hand, regular disinfectant soap dries out the skin and robs its natural oils, creating a bad match for tattoo or piercing as both body arts can be painful to sensitive skin. For example, normal antibacterial soaps like Neem soap and hemp soap are expensive and contain additives, which may irritate the sensitive skin. Green soap is ideal and cheap way for tattoo artist to maintain their shop hygiene and speed up the client’s healing process.

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