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Interest for body piercing has been relentlessly increasing. As a standout amongst the most reasonable types of embellishments accessible, the value for the money with regards to wearing body adornments is high. It is an extremely viable type of self-expression and fashion trends have been motivated by this body alteration for quite a long time.


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From no-nonsense styles of rock and emo to the gentler female summer belly ring patterns at the shoreline, body adornments made a following in the masses that can never again be denied.

Trends of Piercing

Today, the ascent of new trends with regards to piercing and wearing body gems has caught the attention of many people. For a couple of decades, many thought that there is just a restricted route on how you can put stainless steel circles and barbells on your body. In any case, the accompanying new patterns bring unique routes on the most proficient method to make a style for your looks using surface bars, dermal grapples, and barbells.

Third eye piercing…

To begin with, on the list of new trends is the third eye. Accomplished by using a dermal insert set as a part of between and somewhat over the eyebrows, the third eye really looks rather advanced. The third eye piercing resembles the “bindi,” a customary enhancement that serves as a profound image in South Asia. A surface bar can, likewise, be used as opposed to using a dermal stay, in which it can be called as a vertical bridge piercing.

Bridge piercing…

Another interesting type of piercing is known as the bridge piercing in which the piercing is set on the upper extension of the nose. Bridge piercing can be accomplished using a straight barbell, a surface bar, or a captive bead ring. An incredible facial piercing, it attracts awesome consideration regarding the eye area.

Anti-eyebrow piercing

The anti-eyebrow piercing is also getting some consideration as a result of the way it guides regard for the face. Normally set over the cheekbone or below the eyebrow, this piercing is accomplished by using a surface bar, however, some are additionally ready to have achievement using a bended barbell or a ‘L’ formed bars. Anti- eyebrow piercings are sometimes called tears, teardrop piercing, or high cheek piercing.

Surface piercing

Two beautiful surface piercings that attracts many women today are the neckline bone piercing and the vampire’s kiss. The neckline bone piercing is a surface piercing accomplish by using a surface bar put simply over the clavicle, giving the fantasy of two globules supported by the bone. Vampire’s kiss, then again, is a surface piercing in favor of the neck that takes after a chomp from a vampire. More often than not, a vampire’s kiss piercing is worn with a surface bar embellished with red pearl stone to make it look like blood beads. The trend of these piercings may have been activated by the present prominence of vampire themed books and motion pictures, which are already circling the mainstreams.

Practically, any part of the body can be altered with the goal that adornments can be attached to it. What’s more, with the ascent of these new and fascinating surface body piercings, it is protected to say that the enthusiasm of the masses is as yet moving towards a more liberal method for self-expression.

Facial piercings have been disapproved of in the past yet with these new trends, it appears there are approaches to ensure piercings beyond the ear cartilage can look rich and wonderful.

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