What Should You Do While Getting Your Daughter’s Ears Pierced?

August 15, 2016   444

There are many things to consider before having your daughter’s ear pierced. From fear to infections, here are the tips to deal with every concern while getting your daughter’s ear pierced.

So, you are ready to get your daughter’s ear pierced. But with over-conscious daughter, piercing risks and infections, it’s not easier for you. How can you deal with that? Here are some tips to lower her piercing phobia while ensuring the proper safety.

Ears Piercing

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Ease Her Pain:

Having your daughter’s ear pierced is not easy as she may have fear for being pierced. In that scenario, numbing cream comes handy as it alleviates the pain by preventing the nerve carrying pain signal to the brain. Ask your doctor to prescribe good quality numbing cream for that. Tell your daughter that after applying the numbing cream she won’t feel more pain. This will boost her confidence for being pierced.  Apply the numbing cream 45 minutes before piercing and cover your child’s ear with plastic wrap or similar substance.

Boost Her Morale:

Your daughter may not take the piercing easy and likely to go through a tense phase regarding that. So, you must encourage and motivate your children by sounding positives. Tell her that the pain is similar to injection shot which goes away in few seconds. Ease her anxiety by saying that the piercing is the quick procedure. Advise her to do breathing and meditation which will calm down her. These small things will prepare her with more confidence for ear piercing.

Choose Earring of Right Metal:

Not any metal can go well with the freshly pierced ear of your daughter. The metal contains nickel or alloys can lead to the allergic reaction—so you must steer away from jewelry of these metals. The safer options include surgical stainless steel, platinum, titanium and 14 k gold. It is better if you ask your doctor or dermatologist about the right jewelry.

Find the Professional Piercer:

Choose the right piercing artist is extremely important as you can’t take risk by hiring the inexperienced one or your friend for that. You can ask your dermatologist or pediatrician for suggesting the good piercing artist. You can search over the net and ask for other people’s references. After finding the piercer, visit his place before appointment and have close look at environment out there. Check if they have proper equipment, sterilized needles and antiseptic lotions. Make sure they operate the process by wearing gloves. The place should be hygienically clean. Stay away if they don’t follow the above mentioned basic guidelines.

Follow the Piercing Aftercare:

After having your daughter’s ears pierced, make sure to follow the piercing aftercare. It is essential to avoid the infections, swelling and the redness occurring in the pierced area.

  • Keep your daughter’s earrings clean and wash your hands before handling her earrings.
  • Clean the sides of earrings with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide gently (as you can’t remove them immediately within healing period).
  • Ask your piercer for the cleaning solution.
  • Don’t remove the earring before six weeks as it may make the gauge closed.

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