Which is the best season to get a tattoo Hot summer or cold winters

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Nowadays tattoos have become a part of the identity of many people. And most probably you are here because you likely to get a tattoo very soon, right?Which is the best season to get a tattoo Hot summer or cold winters

With the innovations, a severe change has been observed in the creativity of tattoos artists. It tends to continue and improve at the faster rate. Hence, now you have unlimited types and designs of tattoos to choose from. But it is not merely about the design and artist, which makes a difference in the end results. Experts believe that weather plays a great role for how your tattoo will appear. Yes, season needs to be considered before you head off to the tattooing parlor.

When to get a tattoo?

Definitely, scorching summer heat is not considered ideal for any type of body modifications. And as far tattooing is concerned, it is quite challenging to take care of afresh tattoo in hot days. There are several reasons, including, excessive sweating, harmful UV rays, and so on. While sweating can affect the healing period of you tattoo, direct sun exposure can fade the tattoo ink.

Now if you are consider winters to be a good opportunity for getting a tattoo, it has a catch too. You will not be able to flaunt it too much. Plus, if you leave it uncovered, you have to bear the chilly winds of winter season. Wondering, what would be the time get a tattoo?

Actually, season has nothing to do with your tattooing process. Yes, you read it right! It is the aftercare which needs to be followed very carefully to take proper care of your tattoo. So, here are some useful tips.

Tips For Getting a Tattoo in Summer

Do you know summer is the most popular season to get a tattoo? People enjoy the opportunity to flaunt their new tattoo. But, the aftercare is little more challenging due to hot and sweaty climate. As stated earlier, this season will affect your healing period and the quality of the ink, it becomes necessary for you to be extra careful in summers. Here are few aftercare tips:

  • Apply sunscreen over tattoos before you step out
  • Ask your tattoo artist for detailed aftercare before you leave for outdoor holidays
  • Avoid swimming and public bathing in lakes or river for few days
  • Cover your tattoos with cotton clothing to avoid the direct sun exposure

Tips For Getting a Tattoo in Winter

While people avoid getting a tattoo in winter, however, winter can be a better time as compared to summers. While there is no excess of sweating and you can avoid sun exposure easily. The only problem appears with dry skin. For this, keep it moisturized with a natural moisturizer.

Lastly, tattooing is interconnected with pain. Whatever season you choose, pain seems to inevitable, isn’t it?

Not now! You can switch to Dr. Numb, a topical anesthetic cream which comes with 5% lidocaine. Just apply it few minutes before you step out for tattoo parlor. It blocks the pain signals at never ending, offering you a painless experience.




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