How to Get Rid Of Dead Skin Cells?

August 12, 2017   1726

Dead skin cells can be more problematic than you have been thinking. But luckily getting rid of them is not so difficult. Here are listed few ways to get clear skin and wash away dead cells with ease. Explore.How to Get Rid Of Dead Skin Cells

Whether you have a fair complexion or a darker one, dead cells can cause a problem to anyone. Accumulation of dead skin cells gives a dull and drab look. Generally, people prefer choosing makeup can to hide those big pores. But this type of a solution is useful up to only some extent.

What if there is a lot of dead skin? How to get rid of it?

Simply, choose any of the below stated techniques to shed it off.

Start exfoliating:

It is the simplest thing you can do to remove the dead cells. For this you will need a good exfoliating product. Make sure you choose the one which is gentle of soft skin and don’t leave you with abrasives. It is ideal to use on regular basis, but ensure that you hydrate it well after exfoliation. Beware of strong abrasive which could else damage the delicate area leading to redness and irritation. 


If you want a complete solution for blemishes, blackheads, and acne, it’s good to go for dermabrasion. It works magically for unmanageable dead cells and is recommended by medical professionals too. While it helps cutting down on the count of the dead skin cell, it also restores the natural skin glow.

The only problem with this process is that it can be bit painful. But you can overcome this issue with Dr. Numb. Being a topical anesthetic cream it comes with a numbing agent. Having 5% lidocaine, Dr. Numb, can be applied directly to the skin at least one hour before your session. It makes your skin numb for 3 to 4 hours. Hence, no more pain in dermabrasion.

Scrub off the cells:

What about removing the dead skin with a gentle scrub? This is perfect if dead cells have just started appearing. But it’s nowhere advisable to us it after two months or more after its accumulation. All you need is a natural good scrub which you can massage over the skin surface and get clearer skin.

A cosmetic peel:

Nowadays a good range of face masks is available in the market which you can use to remove dead skin from your face. These can be either applied by professionals or yourself, as per need. When your rub them on the face, you can take off those unwanted cells easily.

Go for a sauna treatment:

Why don’t you go for a sauna bath? It can be an effortless way to kick out the dry skin and dead cells, altogether. You can plan for a half an hour visit to a steam room to reduce the appearance of unclogged pores.

With these simple ideas, you can now enjoy clear and beautiful skin. Have some other solution? Don’t forget to share in the comment section below.

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