How to Get Rid of Anal Fissures Itch and Pain Instantly?

October 19, 2016   553

It can be due to childbirth, long bouts of constipation, diarrhea or straining during bowel movements. When a small cut or tear occurs in the lining of the anus, it pains a lot. Termed as anal fissure, this crack in the skin leads to severe pain and bleeding during bowel movements. If it happens to you, here is something useful.  

Anal Fissures

If you are suffering from anal fissure, you might be aware of the fact how painful things can be. In case, you have not, you need to know a little more about it. The last few posts stated the causes and other information of this skin problem. Now, as the name suggests, it is a small fissure or a crack in the anal canal which generally leads to a lot of bleeding, discomfort and pain. And when the pain becomes excruciating, all you need is a solution to treat it efficiently.

So, here is a list of home treatments which are easy to do and works magically of fissures;

Aloe Vera: It is a rescue to many skin problems, and fissures are not separate. Having anti-inflammatory properties, it is very soothing and beneficial in treating anal fissures. It is simple to use and you can directly apply some aloe vera gel to the affected area. This can be repeated three to four times a day. It will heal the pain and infection, without causing any side effects.

Wheat Germ Oil: If you need something to quickly heal your anal fissures, wheat germ oil serves to be a very effective home remedy. Applying a little oil all over the affected area and allowing it to sit there for half an hour gives astonishing results. Later you can wipe dry with a soft and wet tissue. It can be done at least twice a day.

Numbing Cream: When it pains and itches extremely, all you look for is an immediate relief. In such a case, you can trust any topical anesthetic cream. These creams usually carry lidocaine which blocks the pain signals and causes a numbing sensation. Hence, no more pain or itching. And the best part is that you can continue with your routine work just after few minutes of application. You can try Dr. Numb for this purpose.

Olive Oil: Do you know a gentle instillation of olive oil into the rectum can help you relieve pain? Being an effective home remedy to treat anal fissures, all you need is just 50 ml of olive oil at a time. You can repeat it daily or whenever required. While it prevents further aggravation of the injury, it also helps to soften the hard stools.

Petroleum Jelly: Don’t have olive oil at home? Not problem, anal fissures can be treated with petroleum jelly. Actually, it is more effective when you are dealing with hard stools. These worsen the condition leading to more pain and bleeding. Hence, you need lubrication which is perfectly done with petroleum jelly. You can apply it directly into your rectum every time you are going to pass stools.

Besides the other tips, it is important to keep the affected area clean and dry. Remember that if you allow moisture to stay in this area, it can cause bacterial infections to set in. Hence, it will take longer to heal. It is advised to wipe the area with a soft toilet paper and keep it clean. 

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