Get Beautiful Tattoos For Stretch Marks

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Possibly you had a sudden development spurt when you were younger or perhaps you put on a ton of weight in a small amount of time like what occurs with pregnancy. Whatever the reason, you have ended up with those unattractive squiggly, claw-like lines appearing on your thighs, stomach area, breast, arms, or back.If you have tried to dispose of them with lotions or ointment, you have likely found that they are not working as they claim. Therefore, if you really can’t beat them, have a tattoo inked on them. It’s a smart yet beautiful idea to flaunt your stretch marks area as well.Get Beautiful Tattoos For Stretch Marks

Find a tattoo artist, who is experienced in tattooing over scars/stretch marks. Ask him/her how many of these types of tattooing he/she has done and if they have any pictures of the final design after it was finished. Maybe they have collected testimonials from them that you can read. Sometimes, your doctor may be able to refer you to someone.

There are some basic rules for inking over stretch marks:

  • Age of your stretch marks

If your stretch marks are under 1 year old, you ought to hold up to have them inked. Normally, the color of stretch marks will blur from a pink or purple to a more shimmering substance tone after the first year.

  • Find a tattoo artist

Dig up a tattoo artist who is well-informed about inking over scars/stretch marks. Ask him/her that how many these types of tattoos he/she had done so far. Ask for the images or artwork if they have. Do check out their website if they have to read about testimonials and reviews from the clients.

  • Which design your artist picks

Do check that how your tattoo artist goes on your stretch marks like, they start with a big tattoo or smaller ones depending on your stretch marks. Your artist must convey you that how well your scarred skin will take and hold the tattoo ink.

Remember! Tattooing over scars is fairly more painful, as the nerve endings are closer to the skin’s surface. Moreover, the ink can seep under the skin where the scars are found or may not hold the ink at all.

Therefore, It is important that you pick your design smartly. Discover one that will work with your stretch marks, for example, cherry blossom tattoos. Getting a good tattoo design before picking up a good tattoo artist will save  your time and make you stay away from inconvenience.


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