Gestational Diabetes- You Need To Know More!

November 07, 2015   1306

Diabetes – A disorder which is affecting millions around the world. However, gestational diabetes is a temporary form of diabetes. It is said to occur during pregnancy only. But, this never you can ignore it. It damages the developing baby and of course, it is harmful to the mother as well. Hence, if you’re pregnant or planning for the same, it is important to understand the gestational diabetes risks.

Gestational Diabetes

Pregnancy is definitely an exciting time in a woman’s life. While she is carrying a new life in her womb, her body helps in creating every new cell in the baby’s body. Therefore, it is said to take a good care of a women if you want the baby to grow strong, healthy and fit. Everything seems to be perfect; you take a good diet, practice pregnancy yoga, and do all that to keep your baby good. But, suddenly your doctor reports of gestational diabetes and you are totally in fear.

Well, the first thing you need to understand is that it is nothing new. It is common even among healthy women that when she becomes pregnant, she suddenly develops this type of diabetes. It happens around 4% of the time. Now what more important is to try to get the condition under control. The reason being woman with gestational diabetes is more prone to complications with pregnancy, like pre-eclampsia. Along this, the baby is also at risk. Generally, babies born to mothers with diabetes are heavier. There are higher chances that the baby has extra fat at the time of birth and become obese even early ages of his life. This simply makes them more subjected to the health risks of obesity.

How To Prevent Gestational Diabetes?

As simple as that earlier detection of the gestational diabetes can help in preventing severe complications. You can ask your doctor for glucose tolerance test. Being a major detection test, it is a screening test which is typically done during twenty fourth and twenty eighth week of the pregnancy period.

In this, the evaluation of glucose level before food and after food intake is done. If the comparison results a glucose level higher than the normal value after food, you need to take control over your diet. Secondly, in some cases there will be abnormal glucose level before and after food intake. For them, accurate insulin dosage needs to be given in order to regulate the blood glucose level. Another test which is done to detect the gestational diabetes among pregnant women is the urine test.

How To Treat Gestational Diabetes?

• Balanced meals: Once you find out that you have gestational diabetes, fix a meeting with a registered dietitian. Ask them to create a healthy eating plan for you. Remember, you need to limit the amount of carbohydrate in order to control your blood sugar. Also, you have to a keep track of your weight. Though going on a diet during pregnancy is not recommended, yet you need to be little more cautious.

• Regular exercises: You have to add a minimum of 2 ½ hours a week of moderate exercise to your routine. It is better if you switch to a daily 30 minutes plan. If you feel tired, you can go for active sessions in blocks of 10 minutes or more throughout the day. Here, it is important that you take up regular and moderate exercise during pregnancy. This will greatly helps your body to use insulin in a better way and control your blood sugar level. Try low-impact activities, like brisk walking or swimming.

• Insulin shots: With adequate diet plan and regular exercise pattern, it is important to control your diabetes with medicines. In case, blood sugar levels are too high, you can consult doctors for the insulin shots too.

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