General Guide to Care for an Eyebrow Piercing

September 22, 2016   476

Planning to get a eyebrow piercing done? Well, you are not alone; it is getting popular in the world of fashion today. Today, a more and more number of people are choosing to have their eyebrow pierced. But with this, it is highly essential to learn how to take proper care of this style. Find out it here.


Without a doubt, eyes are among the most significant parts of your body. And if it is about attaining unique fashion statement, you can always experiment with your eyes to have a brilliant look. Applying liners or mascara appears to be too old and common, isn’t it? Why not try an excellent means to underline the eyes? It is possible through eyebrow piercings.

Whereas there are several more accepted types of face piercings, eyebrow piercing is already a leader. While it is great at style, the hardest thing about this is to keep it clean and with care. It can be your hair, sweat or even dust from the environment, which can easily get into it and cause infection. What if your partner bumps into it or what if you rub it against your pillow? Yes, it can be anything, and therefore, you need to be prepared for everything.

Now here is a little more about the general care:

Thought it is advised not to touch the piercing, but in case you had to do, make sure you do it with clean hands. Hence, before touching it make sure to wash your hands thoroughly using an antibacterial soap.

Keeping it undisturbed as far as possible is important. As stated above, touch it only when you are cleaning it. And please don’t let other people touch it in the healing stage.

It is recommended to sleep on your other side to ensure that your blankets or sheets don’t rub against the piercing. Everything which is expected to come in contact with your piercing, make sure it is clean.

Plan to wash your face few times a day; this will help clean your piercing as well. If this is painful, you can use Dr. Numb first and let it work on your wound. Being a topical anesthetic cream it causes a numbing sensation. Hence, you can later treat your face as you want to.

Last note; it is highly important for you to keep the piercing clean. Make sure to clean it at least twice a day. Gently remove any crusting from the piercing and if something gets on the piercing, clean it immediately. Keep clean, keep safe!

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