Foot Tattoo Designs: Three Things You Need To Learn!

January 14, 2016   1204

When it is about fashion, tattoos have their own place. People have been choosing different parts of their body to make a unique fashion statement with stunning designs. Among them, there is an exceptional place for foot tattoos. While these are back with a bang, it is must for you to learn few important things about them.


If it is about expressing you, that too in style, nothing can beat the tattoo art. While there are so many other body art types, which are attracting people from all over the world, the craze for getting body inked in different colors is always above all. What comes out to be more interesting is that nowadays people are looking for different styles, designs, and above all, places to get inked!

In this race, the foot tattoos are on the rise these days. Whether you take celebrities or common people, they are getting mad over them and can be seen showing them off at different places. Thus, if you are also looking forward to get your food inked in your style, here are some important things you need to know beforehand. Have a look:

Right Place To Put A Foot Tattoo Design

Yes, you have decided to go for a foot tattoo, but which place on your foot? There are a number of choices. Definitely, you want it to be at a place where it gets the most attractive look. Most of the people think about getting it on ankle or placing it on the top area of the foot. These are great locations. But, that’s not all. You can get them placed on both the inner and outer sides. Other location can be around the toes, getting it like your toe rings. Though, many consider the sole of the foot for tattoo designs, yet it is not advisable as it causes greater pain.

Right Choice Of A Foot Tattoo Design

This can be the toughest job. Selecting a perfect tattoo design is a daunting task as everyone has their own taste. Some like it to be small; other would prefer to go for a bigger one. For this, you can consult your tattoo expert. Here are listed some of the most stylish designs ruling over the heart of people worldwide:

• Flower Tattoos: Add a beautiful ornamentation to your foot with a beautiful flower tattoo. They are highly adaptable to any area of the body and yes, they do magic over your foot too.
• Star Designs: Want to be a star? Then bring star down to your feet. Either a small one with less number of details, or a cluster of stars with fine designing shooting from your ankle to the toes.
• Butterfly Designs: This one is especially for all the lovely girls who look for a cute and chic tattoo design. Sliding easily over the tendons, butterflies can be inked at the top of the foot with perfection.
• Toe Rings: What about wrapping your toe well with some unique designs? You can consider small flowers or ornamental designs to draw attention to your foot.
• Letters or Words: Get you lucky number or your initials inked on your foot. Isn’t it an amazing idea!

Right After Care For A Foot Tattoo Design

So, when you are done with the tattoo design, it is time to care for it. Yes, if you wish your tattoo to work beyond expectations, it is a must that you follow a proper after care process. While you opted for a tattoo on your foot, you need to leave it uncovered until it is fully healed. No socks and no shoes for 3 weeks. Hence, it is better if you wait for springs and summers. In winters it can be difficult to stay without covering. Protecting it from infection is another task you need to pay attention.

Undoubtedly, foot tattoos are one of the most ultimate ways to express. But for some it can be nothing but pain and misery. Hence, before you get your feet tattooed, it is important to find out which designs work well and consider going for an expert artist.

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