6 Red Flags you’ve Chosen a Bad Tattoo Artist

May 10, 2017   245

There are two types of tattoo artist: good and bad. How do you tell the differences between them? Here we have come up the signs helping you recognising the bad tattoo artists.6 Red Flags you’ve Chosen a Bad Tattoo Artistwhether you get a stunning tattoo or tattoo regret, all depends on the expertise and experience a tattoo artist you choose. Getting a professional artist ensures you 100% satisfaction while you end up with agony and regret with a bad and inexperienced tattoo artist. A bad tattoo artist not only spoils your designs, but also risks your skin. Therefore, it is important to pick the right one for that job.

Here we have come up with the signs indicating that you have picked or about to pick an inexperienced and bad tattoo artist.  

He is Not Listening to You:

A good tattoo artist always listens to your requirements. On the other hand, a bad tattoo artist doesn’t care what his client needs. He either turns a deaf ear to them or tries to manipulate them. So, if you find such tattoo artist, it is better to drop the idea of getting the tattoo from him.

He Operates in Unhygienic Condition:

Does he use the same needle for all customers? Has the ink messed up here and there? There is no sterilization equipment inside? Doesn’t he wear the gloves? Don’t get a tattoo in such unhygienic conditions as it can make you prone to some serious infection.

He Doesn’t Have Portfolio:

Does he lack a portfolio? A professional tattoo artist always has a tattoo portfolio that shows his expertise. An inexperienced and shady artist can prepare a fake one or have lame excuses over the unavailability of such portfolio.  

If People Have Negative Feedback About Them:

Know the user’s opinion about the tattoo artist you have picked. If most of the testimonials are negative, avoid getting a tattoo from that artist. You can visit their website and social media accounts to check the customer’s review about them. You can meet previous customer to find out if he is really good in work.

If He Can’t Draw Your Favorite Design:

Check if he can make the design you are looking for. If he is not, consider moving to the right one to avoid regret later.

He is Inexperienced:

If your tattoo artist is not experienced, don’t get inked by them. Besides, you should be aware of the artists who are self-taught or learn the things online. So, make sure your artist have apprenticed with an experienced one.

These are the signs that tattoo artist is not professional and you must not hire from him. It is equally true that finding a right tattoo artist requires time and patience. A right tattoo artist will be exactly opposite from the above given signs. It means that he would have portfolio; he can draw your favorite design; he operates in hygienic environment, and he will care for you.  Therefore, screen your artist. Do some homework and ask the things beforehand.


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