False treatments for warts 3 Things to Avoid

August 09, 2017   1793

When it comes to wart removal, things can be little tricky. And when you have little or no knowledge about the proper ways to get rid of warts, situation gets worse. So, it is must to first learn about the myths concerned with the wart removal. Read on.False treatments for warts 3 Things to Avoid

Caused by a virus called Human papillomavirus, wart is a common skin disorder which can appear as small projections anywhere across your body. Thanks to advanced medical science which have brought forth several ways to treat warts.

However, it is worth noticing that despite of advanced treatment methods, there are several wrong beliefs and assumptions regarding wart formation, which are widespread. Yes, people around the world are indulged in number of unscientific processes and procedures to eliminate warts from their skin. While some of these procedures are not so risky, but there can be others which can be very dangerous, and have tendency to make the condition worse.

Below are listed major fallacies you need to know;

Wart removal using horsehair

As stated in the beginning, Human papillomavirus cause warts, it is pretty clear that warts will not disappear unless you get rid of those viruses. Hence, if you have heard that tying a thread in the base of the wart can cure the disease, you are doing wrong to yourself.

In many parts of the world, it is found that people make use of different materials like horse hair, women’s hair, threads, etc. to tie the warts. But this will not be helpful in any case. Wart is nothing but the unusual growth of skin itself. Hence, even if it appears as small projections, you must understand that it consists of nerves and blood vessels, just like the other body parts.

Now when you tie the base of a wart using hair or thread, it will block the blood vessels and the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the tissues. This might make the tissues die naturally, but this is not assured. Plus, the effectiveness of this procedure is very slow as it can never cure the problem completely. Remember, your base of the wart is still house to thousands of Viruses.

Burning the wart

The other major wrong thing done with the warts is burning them. People think that this will make the viruses die. However, it is not true and there is no guarantee of virus destruction. No doubt, Human papillomavirus die in extreme temperatures. But this can be considered in laser therapy, where medical practitioner burns the warts using high temperature. Burning the wart in home environment will be unsafe.

Dissection/removal of the wart (yourself)

Dissecting the wart, without an expert’s guidance, is the worse method of treatment. While it will bring heavy pain, it will deliver zero result. Do you know cutting big warts can enhance spreading of wart viruses to adjacent tissues? Moreover, it can lead to blood vessel damage, huge blood loss and much more.

The removal of wart can be successful only if it is done by health practitioner. Especially, if you get it dissected in its first stage of growth, it will be really wonderful. Though this can be still painful, yet you have a solution to this pain as well.

You can count on Dr. Numb to make it pain free. It is basically a topical anesthetic cream which comes with 5% lidocaine. By blocking the pain signals, Dr. Numb will make process painless for you. Hence, if you go for surgery, don’t forget to carry a numbing cream along.


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