What are 6 Factors That Determine the Tattoo Price?

October 06, 2016   544

Some tattoos are cheaper while others are so expensive worth your half month salary. Ever thought what decide a tattoos price? Here, we have come up with the factors deciding tattoo prices.

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Not all tattoos are same so are their prices. Tattoos cost is charged on the basis of size, pigmentation, complexity, and placement. Here, we have given the factors deciding the prices of tattoo. It will help you know how to get tattoos under your budget.

Size of Tattoos:

For a simple line a dime is charged while big illustration costs you dollars. This is because bigger tattoos are complex and require artist’s time and skills as well. This is why they are expensive. But even small tattoos can be costly if they are complicated to make.


Tattoo made with single color (ink) is cheaper than the one made with multiple colors. A multicolored tattoos are detailed and require time and more resources.

Degree of Complexity:

Your tattoo artist will charge you more for complex and big tattoos. Again, he needs to put his time, skill and best resources to make these tattoos. Therefore, it can be justified if they charge you more for big and complex tattoos. On the other hand, you don’t need to worry if you want to get simple and sober tattoo design on your body. If your tattoo artist is demanding serious bucks for simple designs, it’s better to get it at cheaper rate at other studio.

Placement of Tattoo:

Apart from the complexity of design, the placement also affect the tattoo’s cost. This is because some body parts are challenging for tattoo artist to draw on, requiring their extra attention and patience.

They carry a heavy tattoo machine putting pressure on their fingers if holding for a long time, say 2 hours.

 Besides, a prolong concentration puts strains on their eyes while they hunched for hours when they are drawing on the upper body areas. So, the placement of tattoo really matters for both you and your tattoo artists.


Tattoo studios situated in the middle of the city are expensive than those sitting farther from it. Plus, they have to pay tax or rent to run a tattoo studio in such a happening or lavish part of the city.


If a tattoo artist is experienced, skilled and reputed, he would charge more than a newbie. Some tattoo artists are known for unique breathtaking designs, making them to set their price higher. But that doesn’t mean you should have tattoo from an inexperienced artist just because you want to save bucks. No, not all! Always get your tattoo from experienced artist as it ensures you fabulous designs, less pain and minimal risks. 

Key Takeaway:

A big, complicated, multicolor tattoo is expensive while small, simple and single color tattoo is cheap.

So, these are the factors influencing the rate of tattoo artist. To get tattoos on reasonable rates, you must shop around and negotiate on the rates. But make sure you choose only good and experienced tattoo artist.

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