Eyeball Tattoo – The Newest flavor of Getting Inked

March 03, 2016   1538

When it comes to craziness and passion, there’s no limit for people. The same goes with Tattooing, it seems. After the body tattooing, people have started a new trend, the trend of Eyeball Tattooing.
Eyeball Tattoo – The Newest flavor of Getting Inked

Have you heard about Eyeball tattooing? Sounds insane, right?

Eyeball tattooing or Corneal Tattooing is greatly in trend these days. from Singapore and Sydney to London and the US, everywhere people are getting their corneas tattooed.

Expert tattoo artists reveal that a single small injection has enough ink to cover about a quarter of your eye. However, it takes several injections to entirely ink the sclera, which is colored for life. Hundreds of people have already got it done in blue, green, red and black.

The man who first tried with eyeball tattooing is a US tattoo artist who goes by the name of Luna Cobra. She didn’t want ever to look like an evil. The original goal was to look like the blue-eyed characters from the trendy science fiction film, Dune.

 “It feels like somebody is poking at your eye, then it feels like you have a bit of sand in your eye Kylie Garth. There used to be a private body modification convention that happened every few years in Canada,” Luna Cobra says.

That year, an old friend had Photo shopped a picture of his eyes to look blue like in Dune. I told him, ‘I think I can do that for real.‘”

The Pioneer

The self-proclaimed “pioneer” of eyeball tattooing is Artist Luna Cobra, who has more than eight years of experience. When he began, he wanted to change the whites of her eye to a bright blue color to imitate a character from a 1980s sci-fi movie.

Stick a Needle in Your Eye


According to BBC, it is very painful to get an eyeball tattoo you cannot even imagine. The person has pigment inoculated into the eyeball so that “it rests under the eye’s thin top layer, or conjunctiva”.

The Warnings


Cobra reveals that he’s not taken given any training to anyone ever in the field of eyeball tattooing. Over the years he’s evolved and tried to fine tune his art as to minimize injury or risks. However, he warns people against going to just anyone for the eye ink, warning that there have been many people who have gone blind after the procedure.

Relax A Little


Tattooing a person’s eye isn’t any different than getting inked on any other part of your body. “If you want to amuse yourself by decorating your eyeball, why not do it?,” he asked.

Happy Customer


Body piercer Kylie Garth is one of Cobra’s customers. She made her mind to tattoo her cornea in “seafoam green” and described the process as “mentally intense.”

Reality Vs. Fantasy

The inking of one’s cornea completely changes the look of a person, particularly for those who match them to a particular style or a persona. “I do a lot of things that look like tie-dye or ‘cosmic space’. I think it brings a realm of fantasy into everyday life.”

Despite the fact that this tattooing is very risky, its popularity is increasing widely. While it may not be that uncommon to come face to face with a stranger whose appearance is literally eye-popping.

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