Essential Things You Need to Know Before Tongue Piercing

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Planning to get a tongue piercing? Well, before you make any decision regarding the same, it is right to put some time in researching some unknown facts. Find out them here.

Tongue piercings are getting popular for a myriad of reasons. Whether it is the aesthetic appearance or pleasure enhancement, you can consider this type of piercing over any other form of body art.

Tongue piercing

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But do you know with the higher number of reasons to choose tongue piercing, there are a lot of bad stereotypes around tongue piercings too. For example, that it get infected very easily. However, the fact is that it won’t get infected if you follow a proper aftercare. Majorly they become infected through kissing, or when you intimate orally with other people too soon after getting their tongue pierced. Normal eating and drinking will never cause you infection.

Hence, you must research about the body modification in detail before getting it done. You should know about the process, how to choose a studio, which jewelry type to select, and so on. Let’s start it;

Know the Pain Level

The best thing about the tongue piercing is that it is one of the least painful piercings. But this will vary from person to person. It is your threshold level which defines the pain level for you. The silent fact is that longer your tongue is lesser the pain you experience.

Choosing Your Studio:

While choosing a studio you need to be very careful. Make sure that it has been established for a long time. The artist must possess a plenty of experience with piercing. It is better if you choose a studio having a government license. For the professional piercers, it is easy to prove they are licensed.

Remember, you need not overlook quality at the sake of the cost. Never go to a piercing parlor just for a reason because it is cheapest. What if it is cheaper and offers you the lower quality services and equipment? Be wise and keep your safety at priority.

Selecting Jewelry

This is the most daunting task. Actually, the tongue is pierced with a 16 – 18mm by 1.6mm straight barbell. Usually, it is made from either titanium or surgical steel. Now it will be on your piercer how will he explain about potential allergies which some people can have to surgical steel. They might ask you to sign a document before you understand it properly. Be careful!

The safer option can be using titanium. It is the best choice for a reason that it is the least likely to cause the skin to react. In some cases, it is found that people got their tongue pierced with a short bar, using some other metal. They are more prone to infection.

Getting Your Piercing Done Right

If you have chosen the right studio and jewelry type, you are almost done with the right piercing.  But even then you are advised to ask as many questions as you want. Pick the most reputable and very clean parlor, and make sure that they do not reuse their equipment. Also, it is advised to let your piercer know if you are suffering from any specific health conditions, allergies or are on any medication.

You will be asked to sign a consent form. Hence, ensure you read this carefully. Once you sign up your consent form, and pick the jewelry type, your piercer will set up the cubicle or a piercing station for you. Thereafter, starts the process of piercing.

What next? Yes, aftercare for tongue piercing is really important. So, wait for the next post which will describe about the aftercare tips and solution in detail!

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