Essential Things You Must Know About Tattoos

January 23, 2017   447

Are you getting tattoos for the first time? If so, you must know the essential things about tattoos for a more realistic approach.Essential Things You Must Know About Tattoos

Tattoo Can Cause Skin Allergies:

Tattoos have been notorious for causing skin allergies for many decades. Whether you are a tattoo artist or a tattoo lover, you don’t want to hear such things about tattooing.

However, tattoos can trigger skin allergies when they are done without precautions and in an unhygienic environment. Even if the artist has done his job carefully, it is your responsibility to protect your tattoo with a good aftercare. If you don’t care for your tattoo, chances are it can be prone to infections and allergies. In some cases, allergies like rashes or scars can occur years after the tattoo.

Tattoos Pierce Your Skin:

Tattoos are made using a needle gun which pierces your skin’s upper layer to fill the ink. And this is not a simple piercing as your skin is pierced anywhere between 50 and 3,000 times per minute in the process. Obviously, someone with a low pain threshold won’t be good at tolerating the pain. If you are one of them, you can use Dr. Numb numbing cream to ease your pain while getting inked.

Good Tattoos are Not Cheap, Cheap Tattoos are Not Good:

To get a fantastic tattoo design, you have to spend a bit more. This can be justified as an artist has to draw complicated details which require patience, expertise and energy. For example,  a tiny rose tattoo costs you $30 at the newly opened tattoo shop while a huge Samoan Tattoo can cost you anywhere between $150 and $200 from an experienced artist.

Tattoo ages with you:

Did you know? Your tattoo ages with you. This is because of the skin’s tendency to replenish itself, making the skin cycles slow down over the time.  

For example, if you get tattoo in your 30’s, the design will be faded in your 60s.

Some Tattoos are Painful while Some are Not:

Are tattoos painful? Well, that depends on the part you are getting them on. For example, tattoos on the fleshy parts like thigh, chest, outer shoulder, and inner part of the wrist won’t hurt much due to the abundance of the flesh acting as the cushion for a needle impact.

On the other hand, getting them on feet, back of the knee, and ribs will hurt you more because of the bony surface.

So, these are the important things you must know about tattoos for having a right outlook on the tattooing. If pain is your main concern, you can use Dr. Numb numbing cream for a painless process.







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