Engagement Tattoos: The New Way to Express Your Love For Each Other!

May 25, 2016   812

Want to go for something different on your engagement day? You can think about picking an option to get tattooed. Sounds amazing? Let’s check out some exclusive tattoo ideas for your special day.

You might have heard the popular say, diamonds are forever. But, the new generation is not much enticed with the diamond’s sparkle. Looking for something new and exclusive, they are always in search of some exceptional ideas. Well, considering the same, here is an opportunity to get your engagement done in a unique way. What about getting


Inked for the love of your life? Having something similar, or their name or anything else on your body permanently; isn’t it quite impressive? And something which lasts forever in true sense! This will keep making your love falling towards you, today and whenever they see the tattoo.

When it comes to tattoos for engagement purpose, the one very much in hype are the ring tattoos. But, there are still many great tattoo ideas, which you might not be aware of. Let’s find out them:

A Curvy Tattoo Ring: Being one of the most loved tattoos till now, couples will fall for it. It is perfect for both men and women. One can get it done in various shapes like heart, leaves, and so on.
Diamond ring tattoo

Diamond Ring Tattoo: Here is chance to bring in love for diamonds and ink together. Without having a fear to lose a diamond in future, you can pick this idea. Basically, it is a huge stone tattoo which takes up a considerable space on the finger. Make sure you get it done by experts. For this awesome thought, you really need an incredible tattoo craftsman to do it.

Jagged spiral ring


Jagged Spiral Ring: Get a wind outline in a spiral form for a stunning look of your day. This can be a great idea for the couples who want to keep it exactly same. It has that spectacular look for those who are looking for more than just a basic tattoo.


Name initials Tattoo


Go with the Initials: In case, if you don’t find or are not at all interested in curves and other shape, you can simply pick your bride or groom’s first alphabet to get inked. And, to make it more special for them you can combine your initials with theirs.


Love Quotes


Love Quotes: What about having one line quotes or a message? The other thing can be their favorite song lyric, describing your love for them. This is something unique and will certainly impress your partner.


So, when you are done with your choice, here is just a list of things you need to consider before getting an engagement ring tattoo done:

  •  Which finger you want to get it done with
  •  Get your skin checked thoroughly by experts before making a tattoo
  •  Make a booking with a tattoo expert
  •  Book the appointment a month prior to avoid any complications.
  •  Color preferences, if any, can be made bit earlier.

Although, getting inked a tattoo for your love can be bit painful, but if you really love them, there are many solutions. Why not go for some numbing solution? You can ask your artist to suggest or use Dr Numb for the same.

These have been a popular choice for years and the trend continues. Your relationship depends on love and loyalty. While there are loads of engagement tattoo ideas, it is quite difficult to choose from. As you are getting hitched, this can be a new step towards making your relation grow stronger.

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