Electrolysis Hair Removal: Should You Do It?

May 27, 2016   1336

Being a woman is not at all easy – staying attractive and spic and span comes naturally to us. We do a whole lot of things for it, and removing those unwanted hair is just one of them. There are times when we think; God, if there was a permanent solution to get rid of all the hair that comes out every second week. Thankfully for all of us, who have this thought, there is a technique called electrolysis – the only method to permanently remove unwanted body hair.

Electrolysis Hair Removal

Waxing for clean look and smooth skin is part of our lives, but you know, it can become such a hassle at times. It is so frustrating to see the hair grow back again, even quicker than you thought. For a relaxing and hassle free hair removal, with a guarantee that hair will not grow back again, women are going for electrolysis.

Here is a guide to run you through the electrolysis process – how it is done, what you need to know and whether you should do it or not.

What is electrolysis?

 Electrolysis is a FDA approved method for permanent hair removal. The process is carried using a flexible probe which goes through hair follicle openings; small amount of heat is emitted through the probe to the hair follicle base, when the hair growth tissues are destroyed. Post the procedure, hair growth stops permanently.

There are two kinds of electrolysis procedures – Glavanic and short wave/thermolysis. Glavanic is the electrolysis technique used with curly hair. Short wave/thermolysis is used with straight hair.

What kind of electrolysis you go for thus depends on the type of hair and area from where you want the hair removed. 

Electrolysis is better and more effective than laser

 People believe laser treatment for hair removal is also a permanent solution. Fact is, laser treatment is approved as a method from hair reduction and not hair removal. Electrolysis is the only permanent and approved method for hair removal.

How painful is electrolysis procedure?

Pain in electrolysis is dependent on the pain bearing ability of an individual. Pain is generally more when hair is being removed from sensitive areas, while it is proportionately lesser in other areas. Electrolysis feels pretty similar to hair tweezing, just that the pain is slightly more than a small prick.

Most patients are comfortable through electrolysis process, and don’t feel much pain and irritation afterwards. In some electrolysis centers patients are administered with numbing creams to decrease the pain sensation to as much as possible.

Where can electrolysis remove hair from?

Electrolysis is a technique which can be used to remove hair from almost anywhere in the body including face, back, arms, legs, bikini line and abdomen. Hair electrolysis is possible in any part of the body with hair follicles. It cannot be done in mucous membranes, for example, the nose.

Time and treatment cost

Duration of electrolysis treatment depends on the size and the area to be cleared. Generally the procedure takes a couple of months. The duration however is also dependent on how fast your hair grows back, the faster it grows back the longer it takes to remove the hair completely. The longer the procedure, large is the treatment cost.  

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