Dr. Skin Aid And Dr. Numb Proving Its Worth

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When it comes to choosing a good remedy to treat your various skin ailments like incessant itching, piles, etc, various products are available in market. But only few of them are highly effective comes with high quality. Out of the two are Dr. Skin Aid and Dr. Numb.

In this article get acquainted with what people think about these two creams and then make your decision accordingly.

Dr. Skin Aid hemorrhoid healing cream

It is a naturally formulated first aid cream manufactured in a FDA-compliant facility. Following reviews of the users make Dr. Skin Aid worth using for various skin ailments:




  • Using in conjunction with Anuice. This combination is working very well. After two and a half weeks, the pain is almost gone and inflammation is greatly reduced.
  • This is a great product! Maybe I’ll end my search for the all time healing cream. Took the fungus away on my feet.
  • After 10 months of systemic poison ivy rash, I have found a cure. I tried 3 different creams, steroid injection, prednisone, and virtually no help. In less than 48 hrs., my skin began to clear up. I used Dr. Skin Aid for less than 3 weeks and the rash has almost completely cleared. Thank you so much.

Dr. Numb 5% topical hemorrhoid anorectal cream

Dr. Numb containing 5% lidocaine is trusted by dermatologists worldwide. This topical anaesthetic cream works to suppress the pain and itching sensation accompanied with piles and various other skin diseases.





Following reviews can help you to make your numbing cream buying decision easy.

  • I get severe, excruciating foot pain from fibromyalgia and can not afford the lidocaine patches my doctor prescribes. As a result, I bought this and tried it…. if is fantastic! When my feet start acting up, I slather this on, then wrap my feet in plastic wrap, and let it work. Within an hour I am able to stand and walk on my feet (albeit they feel rather squishy with the wrap around them, so I’d suggest if you use it for pain other than tattoos, such as I do, to apply it at night and wrap securely (wrapping is actually a must as the body heat that builds up makes the cream much more effective). I really believe using this product has kept me out of the hospital because nothing else worked for the pain and I literally could not walk at all for 2 weeks or so at a time. Since I am a retired pharmacist I had looked for a good alternative to lidocaine patches, and this is it!!!

I’ve used this product before in the past. It’s a hundred percent effective! So for those that have negative comments you’re clearly not using the product correctly. To get the full effect you must put one thin layer on the area desired. Wait 5 minutes then put an additional thick layer on top of the same spot. Wrap the area with Saran wrap from 1 to 3 hours. The longer you keep it on the more effective it is. Numbs area from 2 to 8 hours!
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