Don’t Hide Your Face! 5 Ways to Reverse the Sun Damage Signs

May 22, 2016   2284

Did the sun cost your complexion and beauty? Worry not, here are the easy ways to reverse the sun damage signs to get a flawless skin.
Don’t Hide Your Face! 5 Ways to Reverse the Sun Damage Signs

Besides getting Vitamin C, you end up with brown spots, tanning, wrinkles and sun burn on your skin after being in the sun for a long time. And you undergo a phase of repentance for not taking the preventive measures like applying sun screen or taking umbrellas with you. Fret not!  You can fix the all these ugly signs of the sun damage at the comfort of your home. Here are the easy tips helping you to repair your skin affected from sun damage.

Skin Exfoliation:

Exfoliation just comes handy when you want your skin to be clear with full glow. The process of “scrubbing” removes the dead cells, improves your skin tone and the symptoms of the sun damage. Choose the product containing 5 to 8 percent of glycolic acid, which peels off the extra layers of the dead cells being responsible for the brown pigmentation.

Take Vitamin A Rich Diet

Add vitamin A rich foods in your diet which include eggs, brightly colored vegetables, and fishes. Since Vitamin A is a natural antioxidant, it accelerates skin healing and slow down aging factors triggered by toxins and sunlight. Besides, you can have vitamin A supplement (consult your doctor first).

Use Sunscreen Everyday

Whether you’re leaving for outdoor or the beach, don’t forget to wear sunscreen before you step out in the scorching sun. It blocks the harmful sun rays leading to the sun burn, fine lines, skin cancer and premature aging. Always choose a broad spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 15. Shop the waterproof variety if you’re into swimming or sweat a lot. You must apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes before being in the sun so that it can be absorbed by the skin. Remember to apply it again after a swimming or workout.

Repair Your Brown Spots

Overexposure to the sun also causes darkened spots on the skin. These spots can appear at any age and likely to affect the people with lighter skin. From home remedies to the topical creams, there are numerous methods available to cure the brown spots. Use skin bleach cream that lightens the brown spots on your skin by checking the growth of melanin. Some products have high concentration of niacinamide which is a good skin lightener. Coming to the natural remedies, you can use aloe vera, green tea bag, milk, and lemon juice on your dark spots.

Use Moisturizer:

Frequent and prolonged exposure to the sun, salt water and choline makes your skin dry. So, it’s wise to have a hand and body cream and moisturizing foot cream in your arsenal. Use the moisturizer containing AHA or facial serum with hyaluronic acid which can fix the dry skin and the wrinkles.  Its regular use helps in the production of collagen that give skin its texture and appearance.

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