Does Dr.Numb® Cream Hinder Tattoo Aftercare

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After you look for the best tattoo artist in the town the next step is to prepare yourself for bearing the excruciating pain during the tattoo making process to have your dream tattoo on your body.

Does Dr.Numb® Cream Hinder Tattoo Aftercare

But it doesn’t end here. It takes few weeks with few aftercare techniques to heal the skin and for the tattoo to settle in the body. The following article consists of few after care remedies for faster healing.

Following are some tips that you need to strictly follow so as not to ruin the newly formed tattoo on your body.

Tattoo Aftercare:

Your tattoo artists will definitely advice you with few instructions and it’s must to follow them. Don’t ignore them as it can lead to infection or may not let the tattoo settle with the body.

  • After the tattoo making process is over, don’t remove the bandage or tattoo covering immediately. Let it stay there for at least three hours or as instructed by your tattoo artist.

This is important because it takes time for goop, blood and ink to settle down but if you expose it, it will just ruin off your clothes and not let the tattoo to settle. Therefore, just be with the bandage till you artist doesn’t advice you to remove it.

  • Hygiene is the most important part. Never touch your tattoo with unclean and filthy hands as it can become the reason for getting infected. Also make sure you wash your tattoo several times during a day with an antibacterial soap and scent free soap. This is to avoid any bacterial or fungal infection to cause allergies over the body.
  • The first three days after the tattoo are very crucial .Generally; tattoo artist suggests some ointment to keep the skin hydrated. A fine layer of ointment can be applied daily for faster healing.
  • After you got the tattoo make sure you don’t wear rough clothes that may result into scratching and also delay in healing. So, prefer wearing light cotton clothes that shouldn’t cause any problems to your skin.
  • During the healing process don’t get into water bodies such as pool, ocean, hot tubs, etc. Going to the gym or any heavy physical activity which involves sweating or sun exposure should be avoided.
  • Even hot water shower should be avoided as this will only burn the new ink. Too much of heat or sweat can simply become an obstruction in the healing process.

You should stick to these instructions till the healing process doesn’t complete properly. Don’t pick, peal or scratch any scabbing or hard layers.

If you have any doubts or experience any unusual skin problem it’s best to consult your artist instead of handling it all by yourself.

Does DR Numb cream affect the tattoo aftercare?

Dr Numb is a topical Anesthetic Cream which is widely popular among tattoo artists, doctors for handling dermatological issues.

The best thing about Dr Numb’s cream is that it never interferes with the tattoo ink or the quality of tattoo. It is normally used before the tattoo is to be made for a painless tattoo making session. Dr Numb’s cream contains 5% lidocaine which has been entitled safe by FDA for use for dermatological purpose.

5% Lidocaine doesn’t mix with the blood and therefore causes no threat to the heart or any serious health implications. Since the anesthetic present in Dr numb’s cream is present in appropriate quantity, therefore it has nothing to do with the tattoo quality. Even it doesn’t mess with the tattoo ink.   Therefore, it can only help in cutting off the pain without interfering with the tattoo.

Dr Numb is a popular cream which is even available over the counter and has a shelf life of around 1.5-2 years.

You can even apply Dr numb’s cream after the tattoo making process is over in case you experience excess of pain. Dr numb’s cream will make the affected area insensitive and make it easier for you to bear the pain.

How to use Dr numb’s cream?

  • Dr numb cream is so effective that it just takes 20 to 30 seconds for numbing the area. You just need to apply the numbing cream 1-2 hours before the treatment and then cover it with a saran wrap.
  • After an hour check if any sensation is being felt. And then start with the process.
  • In case you feel a lot of pain after the treatment is over still you can apply the numbing cream for cutting off the excruciating pain from the body.

It simply numbs the skin by blocking the pain signals to be sent to the brain.

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