How to Diminish the Pain of Electrolysis Hair Removal?

May 11, 2017   2001

Depending on your resilience for pain, electrolysis can be experienced as a somewhat awkward sensation to feeling absolute difficult.How to Diminish the Pain of Electrolysis Hair Removal

While you may not know how you react to the procedure until you have experienced your first session, there are approaches to lessen the pain you may experience.

How it Works

Electrolysis is performed by inserting a hair-thin needle or probe into a hair follicle and then applying an electric current to the follicle to destroy it. The procedure works on a hair-by-hair basis.

What does it feel like?

Electrolysis is an invasive technique and can be painful, in all likelihood on the level of nonstop plucking or stinging.

Regularly performed on sensitive areas like the upper lip or the eyebrows, you may feel like you need something to help decrease the pain or stinging sensation during the procedure.

Is it Worth It?

It is right now the main type of permanent hair removal approved by the FDA, and can yield incredible results after a specific number of sessions.

Approaches to Reduce Pain amid Treatment

We have found many ways to help numb the pain you may feel while experiencing electrolysis treatment.

Some of these alternatives must be recommended by a doctor and we suggest you to talk about potential reactions with your doctor and electrologist before taking them.

1 – Non-Medicinal

A few people have found that listening to soothing music through earphones can help you divert from pain, others find that relaxation methods, for example, meditation can help you to stay cool and remove the concentration from the procedure.

2 – Over the Counter Medicine

Ibuprofen is the simplest and least expensive medicinal pain relief on the market. Take the recommended dose 30 minutes or an hour prior to your session begins and this will help numb nerve endings.

Some Lidocaine topical anaesthetic creams are available over the counter, such as ELA-Max 5, Dr. Numb, or NumbSkin.

3 – Prescribed Medication

EMLA cream (2.5% Lidocaine, 2.5% Prilocaine), or any other Lidocaine topical anesthetic cream is easily available in the market as prescribed by remedy. The cream is applied on the area to be treated for 40-60 minutes to numb the area before starting electrolysis session.

Medicine painkillers are likewise prescribed when you have a low pain tolerance. Prescribed painkillers must be taken an hour prior to the start of the process. And, once the procedure is over, you are advised not to drive as symptoms include extreme drowsiness.

Out of these 3 ways, which one did you pick to lessen your electrolysis hair removal pain? Do share with us in the comments section given below!


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