What are the Different Types of Numbing Solutions?

November 08, 2016   1697

Numbing solutions are not new to the world. These have been used for various procedures including dermal treatments for a long time. With the passage of time these have evolved in different forms. Let’s explore here what all options do you have.

Types of Numbing Solutions

Whether you need it is for getting a piercing done or to get a tattoo inked, numbing solutions are in demand for number of reasons. These are best known to keep the pain away and make life easy for the sufferer.

Actually, there are number of beauty and dermal processes, which causes pain in one or the other form. For example, in case of tattoos, your skin is pricked with a needle and then ink is injected. The needle causes pain, which is not bearable for everyone. Similarly, while piercing, a cut is made through your skin which leads to pain too. That’s not all! Several procedures like Botox, dermarolling, microneedling, and many more leads to significant amount of pain.

The good thing is that presence of numbing solutions makes it possible to keep pain away from the procedures. Moreover, advancement in science and technology has lead to development of wide range of topical anesthetic solutions. Find out them here;

Anesthetic Gel: Being present in jellylike form, these are said to be effective in making skin numb. The best thing about gel is that it has the capacity to penetrate deep into the skin. Hence, it is decreases the pain reception of the skin up to a great extent. Often, it is advised to apply the anesthetic gel at least an hour before your start with the process. The only thing you need to know about gels is that its efficacy can last for not more than 2 hours.

Anesthetic Cream: This is one of the most popular form and for all good reasons. Creams are semisolid substances. So, these work with efficiency of gels. In addition, after its application to skin, it temporarily blocks the pain from reaching your pain receptors. It works for longer duration and is a great way to experience painless treatment.

Anesthetic Spray: Don’t want to go for creams and gels, no worries! You can keep jellylike substances away and prefer using sprays. It introduces the numbing effects of lidocaine through tiny mists or drops. Being an easy way to apply, the wonder of topical anesthetic spray is that it works immediately upon contact with skin. So, it is a perfect companion for gels and also keeps the numbing sensation for around 2 hours.

In case, you are confused about which one to prefer, you can check the last post. It illustrates the simple way to select best numbing solution. 

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