What are the Different Types of Hemorrhoids?

October 19, 2016   1133

Even though hemorrhoid is a hemorrhoid, it is of great importance that you need to learn about the difference between its types. While the symptoms are different, so is the case with the treatment. Explore here.

Types of Hemorrhoids

Are you dealing with a sore, itchy, and bleeding anus? Then you are dealing with a common skin problem, referred to as “hemorrhoid”. And the worst thing is that hemorrhoids can exist alone or in conjunction with several other skin problems like fissures, pruritisani, or even cancer. As far as the types are considered, these are classified into two categories:

Internal hemorrhoids: While these are located inside the body, these are found along the walls of the rectum. One can see them only with the assistance of a lighted medical instrument. The only good thing is that these are not painful generally. The prominent symptom includes the passage of bright red blood; especially in the bowel movement itself.

As far as bleeding from internal hemorrhoids is concerned, it is due to result of trauma caused to the covering of the rectal blood vessels when passing the hard and dry stools. Along this, mucus can also be passed in the stool or around the anus. Another major concern with internal type is “prolapse”, i.e. the internal hemorrhoid protrudes outside the anus. When itremains outside the body, it needs a gentle pressure with washcloth covered fingers to put it back into the rectum. If you think it is difficult to be replaced and is painful, contact the doctor right away.

External hemorrhoids: Being visible to the naked eye, these protrude from the anus and usually appear as reddened lumps of varying sizes. But in case, one or more have ruptured and developed a clot insidethese starts appearing purple in color.

This category is often symptom-free. However, it turns irritated and inflamed too. And it can cause pain unevenly, especially with bowel movements. Burning and itching can also be in the list of symptoms one experiences suddenly. You can try on any anesthetic cream for this purpose. Say, Dr. Numb. Containing 5% lidocaine, it causes numbness and relieves you from pain. Some people develop a clot, called a thrombus which follows the rupture of a blood vessel in the anal region. If you have a clot, you need to be cared for by the doctor.

Well, the signs of hemorrhoids may vary from person to person, if symptoms appear to get worse don’t delay to consult a doctor. 

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