Dermarolling: Essential Before and After Tips to Keep in Mind

January 31, 2017   738

Dermarolling is quite beneficial for treating acne, wrinkles, and stretch marks. However, you must follow the precautions in mind while using dermaroller.Dermarolling Essential Before and After Tips to Keep in Mind

Dermaroller is a handheld needle roller which is used to roll over skin to boost the collagen and elastin production.

In this way, it is beneficial to treat various skin problems including scars, acne and wrinkles. However, it requires you to know the right needle length and skincare routine for the safe use of dermarolling.

Here we have explained everything you must keep in mind while using dermaroller.

Choose the Right Needle Length:

First of all, you must decide which needle size is appropriate for your dermaroller. For example, 0.2 to 0.3 mm is used to improve the absorption of the skincare products. However, you can start with 0.5 mm size to boost your collagen production. 3 mm needles are used for treating deep scars and should be used by professionals only.

Your body parts also determine the length of the needle. You must choose 0.5 mm needle to treat your neck, face and other body parts with thinner skin. Go for 1.0-1.5 mm needle length for your stomach, back and thighs. Again, don’t use 3 mm needle or above as they are only for professional use.

Clean the Skin:

After choosing the needle’s length, prepare your skin for dermarolling. Clean your skin and pat it dry with clean towel. Besides, you must avoid waxing or laser works two weeks before your dermarolling session. Protect your skin from being exposed to the sun. In short, you have to avoid any sort of process or conditions that irritate your skin.

Use Numbing Cream:

0.5 mm needle length causes pain and bleeding as it deeply penetrates the skin. Apply Dr. Numb numbing cream 40-45 minutes before the session to have less pain. The special numbing formula of Dr. Numb dulls your skin nerves so that they can’t deliver pain signal to the brain.

Disinfect Your Dermaroller:

Make sure to disinfect your dermaroller before and after each use. You can clean it with alcohol or disinfectant to make it free from bacteria and germs.

Start the Dermarolling:

Divide the skin into small sections to easily cover all skin with even needling pattern. Start rolling the dermaroller to and fro horizontally to cover one section with a moderate pressure. Then move to another section and repeat the same order.

Apply Skin Care Serum After Dermarolling:

After you finish the dermarolling, apply skin care serum evenly on the treated area and leave it for 20-30 minutes before applying other lotions. Later, you can apply moisturizer or wear facial mask.

Disinfectant the Dermaroller:

Don’t forget to disinfectant your roller after every use. Wash it and put it into the glass filled with alcohol or disinfectant for 10-15 minutes.

Follow the Aftercare:

  • Keep your skin clean and free from dirt.
  • Keep your skin hydrated by drinking lots of water and other liquids too.
  • Wear sunscreen before stepping into the sun.
  • Minimize your makeup.
  • Wait for 4-6 week for next treatment as it gives your skin ample time to heal.


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