David Beckham’s New ROSE Tattoo

October 30, 2015   1360

David Beckham – the name needs no introduction! Neither for his glorious football innings nor for his tattoo covered body. And why is he in news this time is for his new amazing tattoo, “ROSE??? on his neck area.
The soccer star just added some fresh ink to his pool of intricately designed tattoos: a blooming rose, imprinted on his neck.

David-Beckham- Rose Tattoo

The 40-year-old soccer star and model got his new tat inked right above the tattoos dedicated to his four-year-old daughter, Harper. Victoria Beckham, his wife, debuted the rose on Instagram, with the captioning, Happy Friday x kisses from Los Angeles x???

While the meaning behind the rose is not sure yet, it probably has some sweet family sentiment behind it, just like his most recent tattoos — romantic“99??? tattoo to celebrate his marriage anniversary and “Pretty Lady??? ink for her daughter, Harper.

The Beckham family is currently dividing their time between their home in London and Los Angeles. The six-some is relishing a well-earned break after buying their latest home in the Costwolds, which is where David etched his rose neck tattoo.

David made the decision to make a purchase for the lavish home in England when he found that the name of the local pub was “The Golden Ball,??? which almost matched exactly for the footballer’s nickname – Goldenballs, given by his wife for his gold-studded’ career. The Beckham appear to be relaxing in the sun and getting in some family time during their stay in Los Angeles.

David himself hasn’t yet exposed the purpose behind his new rose tattoo, but based on his more recent ink, some sentimental meaning are being guessed, possibly as another tribute to his only daughter, Harper.

While buzzes have been swirling that Victoria is planning to remove her many tattoos, David has been steadily adding sentimental new tattoos to his collection.

Some common meanings of a rose tattoo include love, beauty, balance, spirituality and youth. All these things can be imagined for a father would want for his young daughter.

David Beckham: Body Tattoos

Beckham is a tattoo fanatic. He has over 20 tattoos on various areas on his body. Most of his tattoos revolve around people whom he loves including her wife, and kids. His love for his country and game is also depicted in his few tattoos.

Here are a few very popular David’s tats with their meaning or purpose.

1. The Chinese proverb 『謀事在人, ???事在天??? has been imprinted on David’s body. The proverb means “You do your best, God will do the rest” without any religious meaning. The literal translation is “Man tries his best. Success depends on Heaven”. This Chinese phrase applied to Beckham and sportsmanship.
2. David has etched a winged cross at the back of the neck. He got this tat in the year 2003. Following his transfer to Real Madrid, David reportedly flew his tattooist Louis Malloy to Spain for the tattoo on the back of his neck. When asked about tattoo, Malloy says, “Its religious iconography.??? ‘Like a protective talisman over his children“.
3. Beckham had a six-inch tattoo, which was a recreation of his favorite Brigitte-Bardot-style photo of Victoria, her beloved wife, inked on to his left arm. Later, the phrase ‘Forever By Your Side’ was added beneath.
4. Year 2008 is marked as a busy year for Beckham’s body art. He got inked on the left rib cage and left arm. Becks revealed a large Chinese motif that translates as: ‘Death and life have determined appointments. Riches and honor depend upon heaven.’ Further, to match his right arm, he started coloring in the gaps on his left arm’s design.
5. Victoria broke the news of the latest tattoos three months ago, about which she tweeted a picture showing the word ‘Love’ that was added to David’s hand, beside the first of two swallow designs. It was supposedly symbolizing family love and loyalty.

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