Cool Tats Of Harry Styles and Their Meanings

January 15, 2016   1098

Besides One Direction, Harry Styles is also adored for his long list of body tattoos. With over 60 amazing tattoos covering his body, Harry still wants to get his body inked more. “Will you ever run out of space? Nope, there is always room for more”, he says. The tattoos of this One Direction Superstar have been growing in number for quite a few years, and Harry Style has now amassed dozens of tattoos all over his body.


When it comes to his inked designs, Harry draws inspiration from all different things, including his relationships with his friends, loved ones and One Direction band mates.

So, here are a few of the popular tattoos of Harry Style and their meanings. Get inspired… may be you too wish to get one.

1. Star On Arm

A black star on the inside of Harry Styles’ left arm is his first-ever tattoo that was inked in February 2012. Although initially it was designed as just an outline, but eventually he got the star filled in with black ink. Many believe that the singer got the ink to celebrate his 18th birthday, while others believe that the singer got the five-pointed star as a tribute to the five members of One Direction.

2. Love” On Chest

Harry Styles has a simple black and white “Love” banner inked inside on the left of his chest, over his heart. Singers of One Directions believe that Harry has covered it to both factually and figuratively to hide his love.

3. Heart On Arm

The Midnight Memories singer also has a black filled in heart on the upper part of his left arm. Hay got this tattoo by the famous Tattoo artist Freddy Negrete of the Shamrock Social Club tattoo shop while he was in Los Angeles in December 2012. It is assumed that this heart tattoo is a tribute to his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift. However, Styles claims, “We’re always on the road but my heart is at home and I want a ship.” Also, few other people believe that his heart tattoo could also be a pun as he wears his heart on his sleeve.

4. Coat Hanger On Arm

There’s a tiny black coat hanger tat on Harry’s left bicep close to his black heart tattoo. If we go with the folks, it is speculated that the ink is a reference to the singer’s sexual inclinations, hinting he is in the closet. However some others claim that it is some kind of denotation to being controlled and influenced by the music industry.

5. “Things I Can” On Arm

The One Direction singer has a phrasal tattoo “Things i can” inked across the inside of his right forearm in a rough, funky font with black ink. He got this artwork in Dublin on Oct. 12, 2012. While Styles has numerous tattoos inked on his left arm, this piece is the only tat on his right arm to date.

6. “I CAN’T CHANGE” On Wrist

Harry Styles has also got a tattoo that reads “I CAN’T CHANGE” in black ink and capital letters. It is written in a line across the outside of his left wrist that appears to be like a bracelet. It looks like it corresponds with a quotation mark tattoo that his band mate Louis Tomlinson has on his wrist. So, there have been lots of speculations about a possible romantic relationship between the duos.
Many believe that this tat is a reference to the 2011 Leeds Festival, where the two boy banders watched Rise Against performs their song “Make It Stop,” which references kids who committed suicide after being relentlessly bullied for being gay. The band sings, “Born free, but still they hate / Born me, no I can’t change” in the song. Actually, Harry wore the Leeds Festival wristband for months after his performance, but when it broke, he permanently got the “I can’t change” tattoo in its place.

7. A” on arm
The 1D singer has a tiny capital letter “A” on his left elbow bend. Harry Style got this inked by his close friend and band mate Zayn Malik in July 2012 as a tribute to his mother, Anne Cox. Harry is known to be very close to her.

And the list doesn’t ends up here….

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