What Are The Appropriate Contents Of A Numbing Cream?

June 30, 2014   2272

What Are The Appropriate Contents Of A Numbing Cream?

While numbing creams can effectively reduce pain, not all of them will be equally efficient and safe to use. It is advisable to know to about their composition and then decide which will be suitable for you. Read on to know more on choosing the right numbing cream based on its ingredients.

Numbing creams function to eliminate pain from minor painful skin procedures, such as waxing and tattooing, by numbing the skin. Although, many powerful skin numbing creams are prescription drugs, you can also avail numerous over-the-counter numbing creams without any medial prescription.

It is always advisable to purchase topical anesthetics containing the right and appropriate numbing cream contents.

Best Numbing Cream Ingredient

For best results, you should always prefer using numbing cream with Lidocaine. Lidocaine is a topical anesthetic that has been used for many years in medical and cosmetic industry.

It is used to effectively numb skin before performing painful skin procedures. It can also be used to relieve pain from minor skin bites.

Numbing Creams with Vitamin E

Besides Lidocaine, good quality numbing creams will also have Vitamin E.

An active anti-oxidant, Vitamin E not only protects, but also promptly repairs the skin. Its anti-oxidant properties help in neutralizing the effects of free-radicals, which damage the collagen and cause wrinkles and dry skin.

Dr. Numb – The Best Skin Numbing Cream

Medically formulated and clinically proven to be the best over the counter topical anesthetics, Dr. Numb brilliantly combines Lidocaine and Vitamin E for fast action and deep numbing effects.

Dr. Numb is the only non-oil based numbing cream that contains Vitamin E and 5% Lidocaine, the highest amount approved by FDA. Effective within 60 minutes, it wipes off easy, leaving your skin all set for the procedure.

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