What to Consider Before Getting a Foot Tattoo?

November 10, 2016   621

Foot tattoos are trendy and interesting. You can have them on toe, ankle, or on the whole part. However, foot tattoos are painful and more prone to infections and inconvenience, thanks to the location, structure and the minimal presence of flesh.

Foot Tattoo

Therefore, we have come up with several things you must consider before getting a foot tattoo.

Foot Tattoos are Painful:

Getting a foot tattoo is not a breeze at all! Foot tattoos can hurt due to few or no “flesh cushion” to resist needle’s intense striking on the bony surface. You feel as if you are being scratched by a cat! This is why you must apply Dr. Numb numbing cream an hour prior to your foot tattoo session. Dr. Numb special numbing formula will minimize your pain as it blocks the pain signals.

Size Does Matter:

As it has been told earlier that foot tattoos are painful, you must start with minimal design, especially if you’re a first timer. Otherwise, choosing a big foot tattoo design covering the entire top will hurt you.

Consider the Placement of Foot Tattoo:

Where you want to get a tattoo? This question is extremely important in case of a foot tattoo. Getting a tattoo on the place where your shoe rubs off or is not visible even with your flip flops is not a good idea. It will be painful if you keep it on the top while the ankle side can be faded by the sun.

Apart from that, your tattoo position does matter while you are standing or sitting. Mark the tattoo spot and wear the shoes to check if it is visible or looking weird.

Think About Design:

You must be extra careful while choosing design for your foot tattoo. Again, you want to make your tattoo visible while footwear is on. Plus, you like to consider how the design goes with your chic or wedding dresses. Needless to say that choosing the design according to your taste will always be the priority.

Footwear Choices and Your Tattoo:

You will be confined to the flip flops and ballet flats to provide an open environment suitable for your foot tattoo healing. You can’t afford to submerge your foot in water or expose it to the scorching sun thereafter till your healing period is over.

Rigorous Aftercare Instructions Ahead:

Foot tattoos need a regular aftercare to keep infection and other risks at a bay. From cleaning your feet to choose optimal shoes, you need to be very best regarding the precautions after getting a foot tattoo.

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