Christian Cross Tattoos And Their Meaning

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Here we have listed “Christian crosses” that make amazing tattoos.

Cross is not only the universal symbol of Christianity but also carries cultural and historical significance. Some cultures consider it as the “the center of the universe” or “axis mundi” while some associate it with the idea of salvation and redemption. There are different types of the crosses with each variant represents distinctive and particular meaning.

This is why these crosses have made the list of popular tattoos. Here we have rounded up each cross tattoo along with the meaning.

Christian Cross Tattoos

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Scientology Cross:

This cross is one of the symbols representing Scientology, the only non-Christian based religion. It looks different than standard cross due to its two extra diagonal lines that run across the center of the horizontal and vertical lines.

This is why the cross has the eight points and each point represents “The Self,” “Creativity, sex, and procreation,” and “Life forms in general,”.

As a tattoo, Scientology cross looks fabulous and gives tattoo artist an opportunity to be more creative. You can get it anywhere across the body.

Forked Cross:

The forked cross tattoo is believed to come into existence in the late Medieval Era, a time when Gothic cathedrals sprung up.

As the name suggests, the cross has Y shape or a fork and represents the crucified form of Jesus Christ. The vertical bar looks like same as that of a standard cross, while the arms go 45-degree angle upwards, instead of going down to get into horizontal position. This shape represents the Tree of Knowledge.

Although forked cross tattoos have only been confined to a few European churches, they are thrilling the tattoo lovers. Their unique shape pleases the aesthetics and looks great anywhere on the body.


Gnostic Cross:

The Gnostic cross is the unique variant of the Christian cross. It has the standard cross shape, but with the circle at the top. This circle has another horizontal cross inside it. It’s a combination of the standard cross and a circle with a cross within it. Gnosticism is used for the ancient religious ideas and systems that are related to Christianity.

Papal Cross:

Papal cross has three horizontal bars placed on a vertical bar. Each bar represents the Holy Trinity—the Father (God), the son (Jesus Christ) and the Holy Ghost (spirit). However, many people see the arrangement of the horizontal bars as the symbols of higher authority than an archbishop, whose crosses have 2 horizontal pieces. The great places to have a /papal tattoo are the back, arms, chest, wrist, and neck.

The Latin Cross:

The most standard and recognized Christian symbol, Latin cross is a single vertical bar with a horizontal bar placed on it. The vertical bar is known as a “stipe” while the horizontal part is “patibulum”. Before being adopted by the Christian church, it remained a pagan symbol for thousands of years. It symbolizes the cross by which Jesus Christ was crucified.

Its three shorter sections represent the Trinity while the longer, lower portion denotes the idea of the One Divinity. It is also termed as a Protestant Cross as it is a plan with no corpus attached.

Latin Cross is not only the universal symbol of the Christianity but also counted among most popular religious tattoos. From Demi Lovato, Angelina Jolie, Eva Longoria to Britney Spears, there are many celebrities you can draw cross tattoo inspiration from.

The Russian Orthodox:

The Russian Orthodox cross is also a popular form of the religious cross. Also termed as the Suppedaneum cross, it is distinctive in its appearance due to its additional vertical barbering depicted as the footrest on that Jesus Christ’s feet were nailed. You can get it on your back, arm and the chest.

Greek Cross:

The Greek cross has one single vertical bar with a horizontal bar of the same length. Counted among one of the oldest crosses, these crosses represent the church, unlike the Latin cross, which symbolizes Jesus Christ’s crucifixion.

So these are the cross tattoos along with their meaning. Good thing is that a cross tattoo can be customized. For example, you can incorporate other designs to give new meaning to your cross tattoo design. For example, you can pair across with the designs like heart, angel wings, praying hands, and flowers. Make sure to choose a right tattoo artist who is specialized in creating the cross tattoos. If you are going to have a large tattoo or on the boney parts, we insist you use a numbing cream one hour before the process. This is because tattoos do hurt as they involve skin penetration with the needles. Numbing cream like Dr. Numb will desensitize your skin for an hour or two so that you don’t feel anything happening to your skin.

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