Check Out How Micro Dermabrasion Is Effective For Acne Scars

September 09, 2017   1658

If you’re living with scars as a repercussion from acne or even from a tattoo that you had removed, then we know how you feel and understand your problem.Check Out How Micro Dermabrasion Is Effective For Acne Scars

No need to stress over it because there are now a plethora of treatments available for both hypertrophic (raised) and atrophic scars. Micro Dermabrasion is the only way, in which you can treat atrophic scars.

Is it an excellent way to remove dead skin?

YES! It is a magnificent way to remove the dead skin cells from your skin, leaving your skin smooth and glowing. Thus, if you are looking for a healthy skin, you can complete the treatment by consulting an expert dermatologist.

Before making an appointment, it is important to know that you should be cautious with the treatment before and after. It is essential for you to ask your dermatologist to apply a topical numbing cream, Dr. Numb, on the to-be-treated area; else your skin will feel sore or appear red for a couple of days. Thus, it will require a delicate care.

How Does Micro Dermabrasion Work?

Basically, the top layer of the skin are removed through scraped spot with a harsh surface, thus, leveling out the scarred area.

How long does it take?

Micro Dermabrasion normally takes between 6 and 12 sessions to fully remove scar tissue depending on the seriousness and the kind of the scar. It is powerful at removing superficial and even deeper scars, despite the fact that the deep scars will presumably require something like a Glycolic acid exfoliate with laser treatment for best outcomes.

Advice for Undergoing Micro Dermabrasion

There are various things that you can do along with your treatment to help the acne curing process, including drinking lots of water, quit smoking and liquor. This will keep the skin clean and moisturize.

Reactions of the Treatment

Micro Dermabrasion isn’t a very difficult process, not like a Dermabrasion treatment, which can cause a lot of distress. You can expect the area around the tattoo to be red and swollen right after the treatment, but normally these reactions vanish within a day.

What is the Success Rate?

For medium and superficial depth depressed scars, Micro Dermabrasion has a high success rate with just about 95% of scars treated to the point where they are not really noticeable.

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