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Hair is the most prized belonging of individuals, particularly in females. It is a benefit that adds to a person’s delight, regardless of whether in men or women. However, hair is an important part of our body, but undesirable hair can turn into a trouble in a man’s life if it grows on parts, for example, upper lips, chin, back, and so on. More than an issue, undesirable hair growth can humiliate. It mostly happens because of components, as heredity, age, hormonal imbalance, certain medications, etc.

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There are various methods that can be applied to get rid of undesirable hair growth, such as plucking, shaving, waxing, however, these don’t bring about lasting hair removal. In this manner, you can choose a procedure known as “Electrolysis” keeping in mind the end goal to stop the hair growth for all time from your body.

What is Electrolysis?                      

Electrolysis is a technique that has been used to remove hairs forever from the face or body of a person. The method is done by applying current into every hair follicle independently through a needle-formed electrode, subsequently leading the demolition of the hair follicle for all time. Electrolysis is done on every hair of the body part and stops the growth of the hair.

The procedure of electrolysis can be applied to a large portion of the body parts, including face, eyebrows, legs, breasts, belly, and so on.

Because of the fluctuation in the growth of every hair, different electrolysis sittings/sessions are required for a patient to experience as it influences the hair to achieve the best possible growth time frame, leading the most effective aftereffects of the methodology. But, in any case, it doesn’t ensure 100% permanent hair removal for every individual.

More often than not, there are no permanent side-effects of the procedure, but sometimes the skin may show up a little bit of redness after undergoing it.

The When & Why of Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis removal is mostly suggested for the individuals who wish for a hair removal choice that is permanent. The vast majority of the generally accessible hair removal methods are brief and must be repeated frequently.

Besides, they frequently contain cruel ingredients that many individuals feel are not advantageous for their skin. A few people likewise feel that there is a change in skin color when these chemicals get in touch with their skin.

How Many Sittings for Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal Would be Required?

The total number of treatments that are required will vary from person to person. A customer will be asked to return at frequently spaced intervals until the treatment is done. Electrolysis permanent hair removal calls for next to no treatment time, which normally lasts for 30 to 60 minutes, as indicated by the amount of an area you need the hair to be removed from. Use the method for electrolysis for removal of undesirable hair.

Benefits of Electrolysis

Not at all like other hair removal procedures, electrolysis has a few advantages over the long haul. Subsequently, it is smarter to pick electrolysis over different types of hair removal method.

A few of the benefits of electrolysis are:

  • Trendy and Effective: Electrolysis is clinically approved to be effective and safe method that will eliminate hair growth forever. It is the main cosmetic treatment that is approved by FDA for permanent hair removal. This is the reason it is increasing increasingly prominence nowadays and quickly developing into a calling of electrologists. Likewise, it has turned into a point of research for specialists because of its unwavering quality.
  • Suits a wide range of hair and skin: This is the most important advantages of an electrolysis procedure. Electrolysis is reasonable for a wide range of hair and skin, regardless of whether the hair is thin, thick or coarse, gray or blonde or if the skin is harsh, it reacts likewise to this procedure. In this way, to portray it in a word, we can state it is flexible.
  • Focuses on the hair follicle: Not like the laser hair removal system, where the hair color is focused on, electrolysis focuses on the follicle of the hair that gives better outcomes.
  • Results in permanent hair removal: Electrolysis generally comes about into permanent hair removal; there are extremely less chances of hair growth on that area again. Thus, it has turned out to be main because of its permanent impacts.
  • There aren’t any permanent reactions: After experiencing electrolysis, the patient may build up a little reddish skin, which would vanish after some time. In any case, these aftereffects are not lasting by any means.
  • Electrolysis is perfect for confront – upper lip, chin, cheek, brow, and so on.
  • Electrolysis is without pain: Saline and water used as a part of the procedure of electrolysis. It doesn’t hurt the skin, like any other hair removing creams, etc. also, there is no pain or burning sensation during the process.

Numbing Cream Uses For Electrolysis

While it is possible to simply feel slight trouble during an electrolysis session, a couple of individuals may believe that it’s risky and scan for ways to deal with reduce the pain during treatment. There are natural ways as well to deal with, for instance, listening to music and relaxing methods. when these different methods essentially don’t do the trap, over-the-counter choices, for instance, ibuprofen, skin numbing cream for electrolysis or prescribed topical anesthetics are awesome options.

It is always endorsed to consult with your doctor and electrologist before trying any professionally recommended treatments to diminish pain.

Dr. Numb Is Considered As The Best!

Dr. Numb is the well-known topical anesthetic creams, which are easily available in the market nowadays. With 5% Lidocaine, it numbs the skin and pieces torment signals. Dr. Numb is an FDA approved cream, that guarantees safety. In any case, before using it, simply consult with your dermatologist.

How To Apply Dr. Numb Cream?

  • Completely wash the treatment area with mellow cleanser and water
  • Dry the area well with clean cotton towel
  • Apply a thick layer of numbing cream to the area and spread it well
  • Cover the cream with plastic wrap to hold it under warmth
  • Leave it for 40-60 minutes to get into the skin
  • Remove the plastic wrap and wipe off the left over cream

Tips and Warnings: Leave the cream on the skin longer for better outcomes. Do not ever try to remove the saran wrap until you feel the numbing effect.

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