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Numbing Cream for Bee Stings


People are often stung by bees and most of them recover pretty soon. A bee sting is different from other insect bites, and hence the body reacts differently to it.

There are different kinds of bees namely sweat, honey and bumble bees. Most bees only sting when they feel threatened. A bee sometimes also stings when somebody accidently bumps into their way. A bee bite can be very painful and can also result in an anxiety attack in some people. By applying Dr Numb numbing cream in the area of the sting, the patient will instantly feel relieved. Let’s read some more, about how a good quality numbing cream such as Dr Numb can come handy in case of bee stings.

1. Treatment in a Bee Sting

When a person is stung by a bee, the first thing to do is extract the stinger, clean the wound thoroughly and apply an antihistamine to control the swelling. The time the stinger remains inside the body, it should be assumed that the venom is being pumped into the body. While removing the stinger, care should be taken that all of it is removed.

2. Removing the Stinger

Removal of a stinger is a very simple step. It can be removed by using two fingers, a tweezer or even a corner of a credit card will do. Next, the wound should be carefully cleaned with a clean cloth and lukewarm water.

3. Use a numbing cream for bee stings

Some people are allergic to bee stings and others are not. When a bee stings a person, the target area becomes swollen in no time; it may start hurting very badly. Some people may also display the signs of an allergic reaction.  By applying a numbing cream, the patient can get rid of the pain in less than half an hour.


Numbing Cream For Blood Draw


There are effective numbing creams out there for people suffering from Needle-o-phobia. People suffering from a scare of needles stand to benefit from numbing creams.

A number of people are reluctant to go to a clinic or a hospital for a medical treatment as they have a strong fear of needles or injections. But some treatments are intra muscular and intravenous and the needle cannot be avoided. For some treatments, the only way a correct diagnosis can be done is through a blood sample. A good numbing cream such as Dr Numb comes very handy at this stage; it eliminates the pain of the needle prick to an effective degree. The fear of needles can practically be eliminated by the use of Dr Numb.

1. A Breakthrough in Topical Anesthetics

Numbing creams are a major breakthrough in anesthetics and are often being recommended by doctors to patients. Dr Numb, for example, is completely safe and very effective in making painful procedures much more compatible and comfortable.

2. Useful In Drawing Blood

A good numbing cream can make the process of taking a blood sample very simple and hassle free. The nurse or the doctor asks the patient to apply the cream at least an hour before and then come to the clinic. When the needle is pierced to withdraw the blood, the patient does not feel a thing and can co-operate without any anxiety whatsoever.

3. How Does A Numbing Cream Work?

A popular and trusted product by like Dr Numb has an active chemical ingredient called Lidocaine. This releases a sodium radical on application that effectively numbs the nerve endings. The electric signal from the pain receptors is blocked and prevented from reaching the brain. Even after the blood sample is taken, the patient feels comfortable for the next three to four hours.


Numbing Cream For Allergy Testing


Children often flinch at the idea of going to the doctor’s office. They are often tested for a wide range of allergen tests that involve blood samples and shots.

Children and adults that are suspected of unobvious allergies need to sometimes undergo over 15 to 30 allergen tests. Some of these tests are conducted by patch tests, others by the scratch test theory.

Young infants and small children detest the ordeal and make the whole experience very stressful for the parents and themselves. Most doctors will advise parents to numb the target area before conducting a test to take a blood sample. Let’s read more to know how a numbing cream offers relief in testing allergies.

1. Lidocaine in Numbing Creams

The active radical in popular numbing creams like Dr. Numb is lidocaine at 5%. It is a common and local anesthetic that when applied for an hour or so before a procedure manages to numb the skin for three to four hours. The effect can easy be called direct and anti inflammatory in every aspect.

2. The Sodium Effects

The numbing cream is applied to the area from where a blood sample is to e extracted. The sodium in lidocaine gets released and manages to block the signal from the pain receptors form reaching the brain. The nerve endings are numbed and the child or the patient does not feel a thing. The child feels little or no pain and is most comfortable.

3. Look for a Reliable Product

While choosing a numbing cream look for a reliable and reputed product. Dr. Numb is very popular amongst parents of small children and is often recommended by doctors for allergy tests.


Numbing cream for facial waxing


Waxing is one of the oldest beauty treatments followed by women. Some of the oldest records are found in the Egyptian mythology. Beauty in a woman is often personified by a smooth, hairless, body and face. But, facing waxing is painful for sure. The way out is to use a good numbing cream such as Dr Numb that works well for facing waxing!

Women often get hair on their face due to hereditary genetic pattern or due to hormonal disorders. They often go for various beauty treatments that involve removal of hair. Waxing of facial hair is one such method that is commonly opted for by women of all ages. But the hair on the face is very fine and delicate. Unlike other parts of the body waxing can be very painful on the face. By using a numbing cream for this procedure, the whole process can become very painless and much more bearable. Let’s read more about the benefits of using a numbing cream for a facial waxing procedure.

1. Basics of Waxing

In the procedure of waxing, hair is removed from the roots itself. It is normally observed that hair take one to three weeks to come back after a single session of waxing. How soon the hair come back, largely depends on the type of wax, the growth pattern of hair and the deftness of the person carrying out the waxing procedure.

2. The Pain Threshold of Waxing

Waxing is a very painful procedure; to have your hair pulled out form the roost requires courage and resilience. People, who cannot take this pain, often go for other methods like laser, shaving or even sugaring.

3. Use of a Numbing Cream

In the last decade or so, beauticians have started using numbing creams before waxing the facial hair. The numbing cream manages to numb the roots and prevents them from sending a pain signal to the pain receptor. Dr. Numb is a very well trusted name in numbing creams that is often used in these procedures, in order to cut out the pain completely from the procedure.

Numbing Cream for Facial Hair Removal

Numbing Cream for Facial Hair Removal

The hair on the face is most delicate and fine. Any procedure to remove the facial hair needs to be well thought of and as precise as possible. Read on to learn about the most effective numbing cream for facial hair removal.

Numbing Cream for Facial Hair Removal

Waxing is a painful procedure that can hurt a lot. The pain involved in hair removal can be just unbearable for many people.

Some people opt for shaving but that is a tedious procedure which needs a lot of time and effort. Most patients who shave their facial hair also report that the hair comes back very soon and gets very coarse over a period of time. The use of numbing cream is a breakthrough; it makes facial hair removal procedure very easy for everyone. Let’s read more about benefits of using a high quality numbing cream like Dr Numb for a facial hair removal procedure.

1. Facial Hair

Facial hair is a common problem in women who have hormonal disorders and those who genetically have a high hair growth. The hair can make a person feel negatively self-conscious and less confident about herself.

2. Waxing Of Facial Hair

The most effective method of removing facial hair in nowadays is waxing or by using a laser. The pain threshold is marginally high and most dermatologists prefer using a numbing cream during the procedure.

3. Lower the Pain and Discomfort

Most patients have reported that removal of hair by laser or waxing can cause unbearable and a stinging pain. Dr. Numb is a very popular numbing cream that is often used to reduce the threshold of pain considerably.

4. A Topical Anesthetic Cream

A reliable and reputed numbing cream is often used to numb the face before a hair removal procedure. It makes the process very easy and affective. And since the effect remains for three to four hours at a stretch, the patient need not fret over the pain sensations that come around after completion of a procedure.


Numbing Cream for Fistula


A fistula is a connection between two organs that have a lining of epithelial cells. This connection is either formed surgically or naturally. Read on to learn about the best numbing cream for Fistula, one that will make minor procedures involving Fistula pain-free.

Fistulas are often created in diabetic patients who are in need of dialysis. The doctors create a hollow passage between two organs in order to execute proper therapy for the patient. The pain threshold for the procedure is more than average.

Most doctors will administer a numbing cream in that particular region in order to lower the quotient of pain. Read on more to know about the benefits of numbing cream in procedures involving a fistula.

1. Threapautic Reasons

Fistulas are often created in a person’s body in order to offer therapeutic relief to the patient. These can only be created surgically. A numbing cream comes very useful in making the patient relaxed and comfortable.

2. Local Anesthetics

In the olden days, a person undergoing a surgery for a fistula was applied anesthetics with the help of an injection. But in today’s times, numbing creams are more preferred as they are convenient and offer quick relief.

3. Numbing Creams Much More Helpful

Most patients who undergo a fistula surgery reported that a numbing cream like Dr Numb was very powerful in reducing the pain to minimal. The application procedure was very simple and the effect deep penetrating.

4. Leave for Home Immediately

Minor surgeries are conducted in the out-patient ward. Hence, a patient who is numbed using a Dr Numb numbing cream can leave the premises the same day, as the effect lasts for three to four hours.

5. Gives a Patient More Confidence

Patients who are scared of needles and have a low threshold of pain find a numbing cream more convenient. Painless skin procedures are now possible.

Numbing cream For Fillers

Numbing Cream for Fillers

Dermal Fillers are being commonly used to fill up thin lips, augment contours, mellow down facial line and improve the overall appearance of the face. Read ahead to know more about the best numbing cream for fillers you can find at a drug store or on the Internet.

Numbing Cream for Fillers

Dermal Fillers are successful in restoring the lines of the face and manage to make it look young and full. Since it is classified as a minimal invasive procedure, there is a certain degree of pain involved for sure. A good numbing cream is often used before the procedure commences, in order to make the patient feel comfortable and relaxed. Let’s read more about the benefits of using a numbing cream during a dermal filler procedure.

1. The Ingredients in A Numbing Cream

A good numbing cream like Dr. Numb has the main active chemical lidocaine in it. For centuries, anesthetics have been using lidocaine for medical and dental procedures.

2. Lidocaine as a Pure Ingredient

The effectiveness of Lidocaine depends on its level of purity. The more refined it is, the more successful it will be.

3. How Does It Work

We feel pain when pain receptors are stimulated. These receptors are located at the nerve endings. The sodium enters the nerve endings and an electric signal is sent to the brain. The numbing cream blocks this signal and prevents the signal from reaching the brain.

4. Have a Pleasant Experience

Most people, who want to look younger, give up the thought of a dermal filler procedure, when they think of the pain involved. The flinching pain of needles can be unbearable for some. By using a reliable numbing cream like Dr. Numb, the option for looking young gets open for all.