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Effective Home Remedies for Back Pain

8 Effective Home Remedies for Back Pain

Back Pain is like a ‘beast’ that’s hard to kill. Nearly every one of us has had it, or can likely to get later in life. In fact, about a tenth to a third of us would be having a back pain right now. So, does this mean that a back pain is something we should accept as an inevitable part of our life and keep on plodding on obediently with a stiff back?

Effective Home Remedies for Back Pain

You are not alone, if you’ve ever moaned, “Oh, my sore back!” Back Pain is something that upsets almost everybody and makes them inert in its chronic form. It is characterized by pinching pain in the lower dorsum, lack of reliable diagnosis and a failure to find effective treatment.

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A Few Interesting Facts

Before heading further, have a look at a few interesting facts regarding back pain:

  • Back pain is the most recurrent cause of activity restraint in people younger than 45 years old.
  • Over one quarter of U.S. grown-ups stated lower back pain lasting at least one whole day, and 7.6 percent for at least one episode of severe low back pain within a one-year period.
  • Approximately 5 percent of people with back pain disability account for 75 percent of the costs associated with low back pain which proves that low back pain is also very costly.
  • One-half of all working Americans admit to having back pain symptoms each year.
  • Every year, Americans spend at least $50 Billion on back pain.

 Common Misconception

Often people have a common fallacy that most of the back pain (about 90%) will get cured on its own. In contradiction to this, a review published in the European Spine Journal in 2003 revealed that reported proportion of patients who still experienced pain after 12 months was 62% which clearly dispelled the popular belief that up to 90% of low back pain episodes resolve naturally within 1 month.

In addition to this, it is also found that a large number of people in American are left suffering with back pain even after trying so many treatments.

Back Pain is caused due to strain on spine and supporting muscles and ligaments. As such, it definitely takes some time to cure it completely. Medications can give you relief from the pain instantly. But, if you want to get your back pain treated from the roots, follow these simple home remedies listed below.

Effective Treatments for Back Pain

  • Oil Therapy

Oil therapy has always been an effective remedy for treating various muscular pains. The same goes with Back Pain. Just take 4 tablespoons of mustard oil or, put it on low flames and fry 7-10 cloves till they turn light brown. Allow it to cool and gently massage the oil on your back. Repeating this therapy regularly for 15 days will give effective results.

  • Cold Therapy

Apply some ice cubes in form of cold pack to speed up the healing process. Wrap some ice cubes in a plastic bag and put it on your lower back for sometime. It acts as an anesthetic and offers you immediate relief.

  • Heat Therapy

Put heating pads on your back for 15-20 minutes. Alternatively, you can also soak in a hot tub or take a hot shower. Adding Epsom salt to the hot water tub will give you best results as it stimulates the blood flow towards the affected area, thus reducing the pain.

  • Potato

Yes, your favorite food potato too can help you ward off that back pain! Grate a few raw potatoes and shawl them in a thin cloth. Use it as a poultice on your lower back and leave it for at least an hour.

  • Lemon Juice

Squeeze a fresh lemon and extract its juice. Add some common salt to it and stir it well. Drinking it on a regular basis can get you relief in the lower back pain.

  • Cabbage Leaves

This is one of the best natural remedies for lower back pain. Put cabbage leaves in boiling milk and boil until it turns to a jelly-like paste. Drape it in a clean cloth and apply on the affected part.

  • Yoga

No ailment can be left untreated with Yoga, if done regularly and correctly. Yoga poses like locust posture, cobra pose, corpse pose, raised feet pose, etc. are very beneficial in soothing the back pain.

  • Stretching Exercises

It is the best way for those pain bearers who are required to sit long for their work, such as IT professionals. Stretch your body when you get time. Turn your head to the left and right. You can also try Partial crunches, wall sits, hamstring stretches and pelvic tilts when at home. Even, opting for swimming can be a great way as it strengthens your back muscles, making them less susceptible to strain.

 So, follow these tips regularly and set yourself ready to ‘HOOLAHOOP’ again!!

Reduce Tattoo Pain- Dr. Numb

How To Reduce Tattoo Pain?

The truth with tattoo making is that it is real painful and it takes a great deal to get one on your skin. But another good thing is that there are ways you can deal with the tattoo pain.
The following article deals with ways to lessen the intensity of before and after tattoo pain.

Reduce Tattoo Pain- Dr. Numb

In tattooing needles are pierced into the skin and this will cause pain anyhow. This is but natural. Although the level of pain also depends on your body’s sensitivity but pain during the tattooing process is inevitable.
Read further to find how you can deal with the tattoo pain.

Pre-Tattoo Pain Relief

If it’s your first time then it’s natural that you would be nervous about the pain but don’t worry it’s not going to be as worse as you think it to be. Moreover, the level of the pain is directly linked with the body part you are getting tattooed.

What to Avoid?

Alcohol While most people have the notion that alcohol or drugs will help them cut off the excess pain, on the other hand, alcohol consumption before the tattoo making process makes it unsafe for you. Drugs or alcohol can make the blood thin which cannot help the blood to clot while bleeding.
• Aspirin or ibuprofen Don’t take any OTC drug thinking it will lessen the pain. Such medicines can only make the tattoo bleed in excess.
What is recommended?
• Tylonel or acetaminophen These over-the-counter pain killers are comparatively safe and also reduce the pain.
• Dr Numb’s cream – You can apply this numbing cream half an hour before the procedure. This will numb the area and give you a pain free tattoo making procedure.

During The Tattoo

Initially when the needle is inserted into your skin, it is definitely going to pain, but the pain will lessen naturally after few minutes. The reason is that your body releases endorphins naturally when some external stimulus is triggered which reduces the pain.
Sometimes the vibration from the tattoo machine even lessens the pain. But if you feel excess of pain, you can take short breaks in between to make the procedure easy for you.
Bactine and lidocaine based sprays or numbing creams can also help to reduce the pain during the tattoo making. You can check with the artist if he has such products to have a painless tattoo making experience.

Post Tattoo Pain Relief

People have varying notions about pain in the tattoo making. Some feel the pain is worst during the procedure while others think the healing process is the toughest part.
Unhygienic and improper procedure can even result in infection which is again painful.

Following are some things which can help you in relieving pain post procedure.
• Ice– You can apply the ice pack wrapped in a cloth to the affected area. This can relieve you off the excessive pain.
• Numbing Cream- If you experience unbearable pain after the tattoo making, and then you can apply the numbing cream for temporary pain relief. Dr Numb is a popular numbing cream which is widely used for cutting pain in many dermatological procedures. Dr Numb’s cream is a safe and effective numbing cream which contains just 5% Lidocaine which has been declared safe by FDA. It is a safe OTC drug which is used by doctors, aestheticians and artists for giving a painless experience to their customers.

The tattoo making, permanent cosmetics have become popular over the past few years but most people still want painless ways to for these procedures.

Dr Numb-Moles Treatment

How Are Moles Treated?

Melanocytic naevi scientific name for Moles which are basically cells called as melanocytes which appear like tiny and colored spots on the skin. They are generally brownish in color but can vary from black color to skin -colored.
Not all moles are dangerous but sometimes the moles can turn out to be cancerous. The following blog deals with the ways to remove the moles from the skin before they turn out to be hazardous for you.

Dr Numb-Moles Treatment

Moles can vary in shape from circular to oval, flat to raised, smooth or rough, and acquire different color as the skin ages.

Reasons of mole development

Moles can develop due to hormonal changes, during pregnancy, old age and even during the teenage. Compound moles are dark brownish in color and have a raised appearance. They appear due to melanin producing cells and are mostly develop in the upper and lower layers of the skin. Congenital Nevi develop when a child is born. They need careful attention as they can turn out to be cancerous. Junctional moles have a flat appearance in initial stages but with time they turn out to be slightly raised.
Blue moles are generally raised and are found at the head, neck and arms.
Sebaceous moles develop due to over-activity of the sebaceous or oil glands. They may feel rough when touched and may be yellow in color.
Derma moles are found on the upper part of the body with hair coming out from them in some cases. They can be flesh colored or brown colored as well and are raised.
The skin’s color is due to the presence of the pigment called as melanin which is present in cells called melanocytes. The Melanocytes are found in the outer skin layer and are responsible for transporting melanin to the cells on the surface of the skin.
Generally, the melanin is consistently distributed over the skin but in case the melanocytes gather in groups they result into mole formation over the skin. Although the actual reason for moles is undetermined but they appear in both males and females.

Treating the Moles

Moles are commonly seen and most of them are painless and do not lead to any discomfort. But if they are troubling you, then you need assistance of a doctor at the earliest possible.
The doctor generally analyzes a sample of the mole tissue and in case it is found to be cancerous then the mole and the surrounding tissue have to be removed.

Surgical Methods For Mole Treatment

Moles are removed with the help of surgical methods which involve removing mole through excision or cutting and excision with cauterization.
1. The excision method involves removing the complete mole followed by closing of the incision with the help of stitches. Healing in this process takes a lot of time.
2. Another method is the cauterization method in which the mole is burnt off and then to avoid the area getting infected, antibiotics are used.
3. Many people shave off the mole with the help of a scalpel. But this method should only be followed if the moles appear to stick out of the skin’s surface.
4. Cryosurgery is also a mole removal method in which a freezing liquid is put upon the affected area. This destroys the cells that cause moles.
5. Mole removal is even done with the help of laser surgery as it has a lesser risk of scarring unlike excision method.

Home –remedies for mole treatment

There are many home remedies which have been practiced since ancient times for their natural and safe way of treating the moles.
1. Garlic is one of the remedies for moles which have been in use since ancient times. You just have to place a crushed clove of garlic over the affected area and cover it with a bandage.
2. Onion juice is another way to get rid of moles. You can apply the juice daily until the mole leaves the skin.
3. Ground flaxseeds combined with flaxseed oil and raw honey if applied over the moles can get your skin rid off the moles.
4. Pineapple is another effective remedy for mole treatment. Place a freshly cut pineapple over the mole several times during a day to remove the mole.
5. Castor oil if rubbed over the moles can soften the moles and then remove it from the skin.
6. 5% iodine solution if applied to the skin and then covered with a bandage for a night can also get your skin rid of moles and skin tags.

Dr. Numb Cream Pregnant Women

Can Pregnant Women and Lactating Mothers Use Dr. Numb® Cream?

Dr. Numb – an effective topical numbing agent that is used to help the patient bear various pain and painful procedures. Among the various pains that humans usually bear is the pregnancy and delivery pain. So, does using Dr. Numb during pregnancy or lactation period is safe for the mother and the baby?  Have a look.

Dr. Numb Cream Pregnant Women

Lidocaine Pregnancy Warnings

Dr. Numb is a topical numbing agent that contains Lidocaine – a local anesthetic used to set free a person from bearing any pain. A medication that contains 5% Lidocaine is said to be an effective solution, just like Dr. Numb.

FDA has assigned Lidocaine to the pregnancy category B. Although, the animal studies have failed to show any evidence of fetal harm due to Lidocaine dose, but there are no data of its negative impact on foetus.

Use of Lidocaine in Pregnancy

Use of Dr. Numb or Lidocaine in labor and delivery may effect in fetal and newborn toxicity. Therefore, experts recommend to use Lidocaine only during pregnancy and in labor when need has been clearly recognized.

Effects of Lidocaine

Lidocaine crosses the human placenta rapidly. Studies and Statistics have shown that the average umbilical cord to plasma concentration ratio ranges from 0.5 to 0.7. Due to decreased plasma protein binding, the free portion of Lidocaine in newborn infants may be greater than in the mother.

Symptoms of decreased Apgar scores, fixed and dilated pupils, hypotonia, and apnea have been stated in some newborns whose serum levels were 2.5 mg/L or more. Also, neonates whose mothers received continuous Lidocaine epidural anesthetic blocks had also decreased muscle tone in comparison to those neonates whose mothers received placebo.

However, a few other data have not supported this association. The placental transfer of Lidocaine after prolonged maternal IV administration has been reported. After 14.1 g of lidocaine (50 mg/hour. for 282 hours), the umbilical vein, lidocaine concentration ratio averaged 0.52 (average maternal and umbilical vein concentrations of 1.6 and 0.83 mcg/mL, respectively). These data are somewhat like those described after smaller periods of administration of lidocaine during labor pain. All these data do not support an association between lidocaine and birth defects.

Lidocaine and Breastfeeding

Some limited stats have shown that the average milk lidocaine levels were approximately 40% of maternal serum levels.

In one case, a 37-year-old woman who had received two lidocaine boluses of 75 and 50 mg, then a continuous infusion of 2 mg per minute, had lidocaine levels of 2.0 and 0.8 mg/L in her serum and milk, respectively. The milk sample was obtained two hours after the lidocaine infusion was stopped.

Lidocaine is defecated into human milk. There will be no side effects in the nursing infant and would probably be limited to an individual or allergic reaction. It is just that one should be cautious while administering lidocaine to the nursing females.

Safe during Breastfeeding

Lidocaine is present in breast milk. Although, there are no negative side effects on the infant with lidocaine use while breastfeeding, allergic reactions have befallen. If your infant shows signs of an allergic reaction after breastfeeding, contact your doctor immediately.

General Precautions

The only thing to take care is the amount of Lidocaine given to the mother. Although, there are no side effects reported in the infants born to mothers using the anesthetic. However, over quantity may sometimes lead to some allergies. At a normal dose, adverse outcomes are unlikely.


When using Dr. Numb in pregnant and lactating mothers, make sure to take device from the pediatrician about the amount of cream used to avoid any unwanted side-effects to the newborn.

Laser Hair Removal or Waxing

Which Is Better Laser Hair Removal Or Waxing?

Hair removal is one of the important tasks for a woman than any other thing. Despite so much of pain and trauma, they make sure every inch of their skin is hair-free.
Although there are many methods for hair removal but all of them are not considerably safe. Waxing and laser hair removal are the two ways which are used to get rid of hair.

Laser Hair Removal or Waxing

The reason people prefer waxing over shaving is the long-lasting effect of waxing than shaving and the other is shaving seems more horrifying than waxing.
Laser hair removal works with a particular heat energy that produces some heat energy at the root of the hair. This increases the temperature of the hair follicle and destroys the stem cells.
And many women are opting for the laser method because of long-term effects of the procedure. With a good laser treatment you don’t have to worry about every month’s trouble for removing hair from upper lip, legs, or bikini area. This is like one of the most sought after fantasy for a woman.
But still many people opt for waxing because of their own reasons. Keep reading the article to decide what would suit you best.


It takes around three to eight different sessions for six weeks for laser therapy to complete. Laser removal is done with the help of a beam which targets the particular body part, therefore its best to get it done from a trained professional.
But despite getting it done from a trained professional there are other things you need to take care of before going for the laser treatment.

  • Many people have the notion that hair will be removed in the first go. But that’s not true, there is not going to be a miracle in just one session. You will have to undergo multiple sessions which will last for few weeks to finally get rid of all the hair.
  • For effective results laser hair removal is done as per the hair’s growth cycle which is not clearly known. Therefore, only about 20 to 30 percent of hair can be permanently removed in any session.
  • Women with dark skin -Asian, Latino, and African American face difficulty in using this treatment for hair removal. In laser treatment, it becomes difficult to remove hair from the darker skin as it becomes difficult to distinguish between hair and the skin. Therefore, laser hair removal is effective on women with fair-colored skin and dark hair.
  • Another important fact about laser hair removal is that it’s difficult to remove hair from a sun-exposed skin. During summers, the body temperature is too high that the heat is not able to find its target and this result into skin burn.
  • You need to prepare yourself for the treatment and stick to the instructions of your beauty therapist. Don’t wax or shave any hair from your body before or after laser treatment. If you wish to trim off, then you can use a scissors but its best to consult before you do it.
  • You can also use a numbing cream for a pain free experience. Dr numb is a popular numbing cream which if applied one hour before the procedure ,then can make your skin insensitive towards any kind of pain for up to 3 hours.


Waxing involves simply pulling out the hair follicle directly from the root. While waxing can make the ingrown hairs appear but lasers can even make you trouble free from ingrown hairs.

  • One important thing about waxing to be remembered is not to use products with Retin-A or benzoyl peroxide before getting waxed. Such products can strip off the cells of the skin and result into excess peeling than normally.
  • For bikini wax session you need to follow some strict instructions by your aesthetician. Shaving using a razor is strictly prohibited before and after your bikini wax session.
  • Exfoliate your skin before going for a wax session as this can open up the clogged pores which can help in proper waxing.So, finally you have both the procedures in front of you with their own benefits. Decide whatever suits you best but never ever shave.
First Time Injectable Patients

5 Tips For First Time Injectable Patients

As we near the end of 20s, wrinkles, fine lines, deep scars on the cheeks and darkening under the eye is a common phenomenon to be noticed. Clearly, they are nothing but signs of aging.

5 Tips For First Time Injectable Patients

After the beauty products and the natural treatments fail to fight against acne and aging signs, there are other options such as Botox, disport, Radiesse which have proven to reverse the signs of aging.

Undoubtedly, neurotoxins and dermal fillers have become popular and even widely accepted by people for a reversing the signs of aging due to the painless treatments, less recovery time and long lasting results.
Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin are known to treat wrinkles effectively. They block the muscle contracting nerves and also remove the wrinkles from the skin.

These procedures have proved to give effective results but many people have also experienced some side effects after undergoing these treatments such as headaches, bruising, pain at the site of injection, and drooping eyebrows in rare cases. But pregnant and breastfeeding women should not opt for these procedures without the advice of doctor.

But everything comes with a little amount of risk, so if you have already decided to go for it then just doesn’t change your decision.

Take a note of following points before you try your luck at these treatments in order to end up with the perfect results.

  1. Consult your doctor if you had been taking any medicinal supplements

You should clearly discuss with the doctor for any pills or medications whether natural or otherwise which you have been taking. If you have been taking pills such as aspirin or ibuprofen then stop taking it almost two weeks prior to the treatments. Such medications just make the blood thinner and can even cause excessive bleeding even if there is a small cut.

  1. Make sure your doctor is board-certified in dermatology

Well, this is probably the first thing you need to check on while going for the treatment. Make sure the doctor has a certified degree and check reviews from his patients about his treatment and the techniques adopted.
You can check the testimonials and know if your doctor has enough of experience in working with injections in order to avoid any side-effects.

  1. Know your purpose of treatment

Many neurotoxins and dermal fillers are available which may or not work on your skin properly. For example, Hyaluronic acid based fillers like Juvederm and Restylane are used to restore moisture in the skin whereas the neurotoxins like Botox works to undo the wrinkles and lines. So, depending on your purpose to choose injectables you should decide for the skin type accordingly.

If you don’t find enough information or are not fully confident then consult your doctor or an experienced injector for finding what is right for you.

  1. Maintenance is an important issue

Although injectables last for a long time but they are subject to wear and tear. Normally the effects of injectables are seen from four months to a year and it depends upon the neurotoxin used.
But in order to maintain it for a longer time you need to care for it and there are special maintenance treatments for the same.

  1. Know about the recovery time beforehand

It hardly takes little time for your skin to adapt to the changes but still some people experience some swelling or pain post the injection. Dermal fillers normally adjust quickly but neurotoxins take a longer time to show their effect. Therefore, a time period of two three weeks will take up for the full effect to show up.

So, consult your doctor about the type of injectable you are going for.

Best Numbing Cream for Tattoos

How to Choose the Best Numbing Cream for Tattoos?

If you’re planning to get a tattoo, chances are you may need to purchase a tattoo numbing cream. The obvious reason is that you’re going to get a lot of pain while and after getting the tattoo on your body part. Or, if you’re a tattoo artist and looking for a numbing cream to recommend it to your customers, you’ll want to look for a product with effective concentrations of topical anesthetics, such as lidocaine.

How to Choose the Best Numbing Cream for Tattoos?

A quality numbing cream will be efficient enough to numb the skin and protect against tattoo pain quickly and give longer hours of relief. Here are a few tips for you to choose the right numbing cream for tattoos. Have a look to learn more.

  1. Choose Right Consisting Right Ingredients

A numbing cream needs to be very effective and quick enough to response. This is possible only with the right ingredients. Experts believe that lidocaine – a tropical and effective anesthetic, makes a numbing cream the best. FDA considers 5% lidocaine as the required amount. Dr. Numb is one such effective numbing cream that contains 5% lidocaine approved by FDA.

  1. Choose a Non-Greasy Product

When it comes to choosing numbing cream for tattoo, it is important that a numbing cream doesn’t affect the ink of the tattoo. Often, it happens that while using a numbing cream over tattoo, the tattoo gets distorted. So, choose a numbing cream that is non-greasy and promise not to cause any damage to the tattoo.

  1. Choose the Cream With No Side-Effects

Medications and topical solutions for various disease, whether skin or other ailments, have some or the other side-effects. However, the intensity may vary depending upon their composition. The same applies when it comes to choosing the right numbing cream. A numbing cream that causes no side-effects, such as possible allergic reactions, inflammations or rashes, or skin irritation is the ideal numbing solution for tattoos.

  1. Choose The Cream That Comes Under Your Budget

With the increase in various skin styling procedures all around the world, the number of numbing products have also greatly increased. Not all the products are same, whether in terms of ingredients, their effectiveness, availability and price range.

Choosing a numbing cream that comes at a reasonable price can be termed as the wise and is the right numbing cream for tattoo. Also, it should be easily available… no matter wherever you go. Search for the product with lowest price and easy availability.

  1. Choose The One Recommended by Your PROFESSIONAL

When it comes to buying medications to treat any ailment, professional advices and recommendations play a major role. This is because a professional understands the ailment – cause, symptom and cure, better than anybody else. Similarly, when choosing the right numbing cream, it’d be wise enough to take advice from your dermatologist or a clinician for specific situations. They’d surely recommend you the best prescriptions. Also, they advise you about your skin sensitivity, allergies, etc.

  1. Choose The One With The Best CUSTOMER reviews

If an expert advice fails to satisfy you, Buyer reviews are yet another good option to help you in making the best choice. You can ask those people who have already used some numbing creams for various skin procedures. Go for customer reviews on various mediums like neighborhood, Google, social media, etc. Research well on for the popular products and their effectiveness on their website. Go through them well before buying one for you.

Be wise and smart enough to choose the right numbing creams for tattoo as neither you can compromise your health, your money and your beauty.

Why Tattoo Artists Like to Use Dr. Numb Cream Instead of Other Brands?

Why Tattoo Artists Like to Use Dr. Numb Cream Instead of Other Brands?

The act of tattooing is intensely painful. Obviously, when the needle pierce into the skin and draws over it, we feel pain. However, the extent of pain depends upon the size of the tattoo, the tattoo artist and the pain threshold of the person.

Why Tattoo Artists Like to Use Dr. Numb Cream Instead of Other Brands?

To ward off the pain, tattoo artists suggest their clients to use a numbing agent prior to undergoing the tattoo process. A numbing agent makes the skin area frozen so that the client does not feel any pain.

Since, body styling and dermal procedures have become common today, including methods like tattooing, body piercing, waxing, laser, fraxel, etc., there are myriads of numbing creams available in the market. But, not every numbing cream is the best.

Among the top list of numerous numbing solutions, Tattoo artist usually rely on Dr. Numb for getting rid of pain effectively. Having a quality, safe numbing cream like Dr. Numb can help you make tattooing an enjoyable experience.

Here are the reasons why tattoo artist prefer Dr. Numb for tattooing.

Dr. Numb Numbing Agent for Tattooing

The reason why Dr. Numb is so popular today is its key constituent Lidocaine. Lidocaine is an anesthetic agent that effects highly if used in right amount. When you apply Dr. Numb before undergoing a painful process on the skin area that is to be tattooed, this powerful topical anesthetic blocks your nerve endings, making it impossible for them to transmit pain signals to your brain. When the pain signals don’t reach the brain, you don’t feel any pain. The numbing effect remains for three to hours and you hardly feel any pain while needles pierce your skin.

Dr. Numb

Why Dr. Numb is the best?

  • numb constituents Lidocaine, that too in 5% amount which is approved by FDA and is said to be the required amount for effectiveness. In addition, it also contains Vitamin E that helps in healing of skin tissues. The presence of these ingredients makes Dr. Numb safe and natural.
  • The main ingredient in Dr. Numb is Lidocaine, which is one of the strongest topical anesthetics. This is why it is highly effective.
  • It shows results within a couple of minutes of use that may last nearly four hours. This means that you not only feel numbness while undergoing the painful procedure but even after the procedure is over. This saves your from freaking out post procedure.
  • The numbing effect is so strong that you feel little or no pain while the pigment penetrates into your skin’s dermal layer with needles.
  • As said earlier, Dr. Numb is natural. This makes it a side-effect free numbing agent.
  • The cool part when it comes to using Dr. Numb in tattooing is that it not at all affects your tattoo ink or tattoo. So, you need not to worry about your tattoo design being distorted with its use.


How Does Dr. Numb work?

When you apply Dr. Numb onto the skin, it creates a barrier between the nerves and the brain by blocking the pain signals released by the nerve endings. This is the reason you feel no pain at all.

Consider taking certain precautions, when using Dr. Numb, including:

  1. Cleaning and drying the area to be treated properly.
  2. Applying a thick layer and rubbing gently.
  3. Covering the creamed portion with a saran wrap only.

Remember to follow these instructions carefully. In case, your skin is too subtle, consider consulting a dermatologist or an expert tattoo artist before using an over the counter topical numbing cream.

Medical Warnings

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a public health advisory warning in 2007 regarding the use of Numbing Creams. According to this:

  • A numbing Cream should be used in the presence of a clinician.
  • Avoid applying them for an extended period of time.
  • Should not be applied over a large surface of the skin.
  • Should not be used over inflamed or irritated skin.

These guidelines should always be followed while using topical anesthetics to avoid life threatening effects. Over time, many over-the-counter anesthetics have taken over the market. To ensure their safety, FDA has prescribed the right amount of Lidocaine composition they should contain. Therefore, make sure to check this percentage before purchasing a numbing cream.

Can I Be Addicted to Dr. Numb Cream as Body Pain Relief?

Can Anyone Be Addicted to Dr. Numb Cream as Body Pain Relief?

Dr. Numb is a numbing agent that is used to relieve from pain caused during various dermal procedures like tattooing, minor skin procedures, piercings, etc. It is a natural solution that has proved to be very effective in relieving such pain. But, the cool part is that Dr. Numb can also be used as a tropical pain relief agent, i.e. to get rid of the muscular and joint pain or body pain. Let’s know more!

Can I Be Addicted to Dr. Numb Cream as Body Pain Relief?

Dr. Numb as Body Pain Reliever
Body Pain such as severe headache, chronic joint pain, back pain, etc. can sometimes prove to be ordeal for you demanding immediate attention. Taking pain-killers are not always the right option as these pain killers has adverse effects on the liver and kidneys, which can cause prolonged chronic harm in future.

Using Topical agents are a much better and reliable option than taking pain relief medicines; an obvious reason is there is no side-effect of these topical creams (except some special cases, depending on the chemical compositions). Among the myriads of options available around, one of the most effective, reliable and 100% safe topical agent is Dr. Numb.

Bodypain- Dr Numb

Although, it is an anesthetic agent that is used to ward off the pain caused during various dermal procedures and minor surgeries, it is also effective in attaining relief in various body pains. It is because of its compositions with which it is prepared – Lidocaine and Vitamin E.

Dr. Numb – Chemical Composition and Body Pain

Sufferers of chronic pain often do anything in order to relieve the pain. Chronic pain is a vicious loop of inflammation and pain. The triggering of a pain response by the affected area prompts your body to inflame the surrounding tissue. But, when the problem is kept unaddressed, it leads to chronic pain, just like in the case of severe arthritis.

Dr Numb

The reason why Dr. Numb is so effective even in body pain relief, despite the fact that it’s an anesthetic cream is due to the presence of LIDOCAINE in it. Lidocaine is an effective pain reliever due to the way it addresses an issue on a microscopic level. The availability of right amount of Lidocaine (5% as approved by FDA) makes Dr. Numb a right choice in body pain too.

Dr. Numb – Lidocaine and Body Pain

Generally, whenever we are in pain, our nerve cells release signals informing our brain about the problem and to react with the pain. When one uses Dr. Numb, the Lidocaine stops the nerve cell from emitting the signal collectively. Instead of unveiling the pain, it stops it before it has a chance to arise. When the brain doesn’t receive any signal from the nerve cell, it assumes that everything is fine and as such results in no inflammatory response. Therefore, people suffering from any chronic pain are recommended to use should Dr. Numb cream.

Acute pain can also be treated with Dr. Numb. Virtually any injury can be treated with Dr. Numb in order to relieve the pain immediately. It is exceptionally useful for itching, sunburn, muscle aches, sprained ankles, back pain and even headaches.

Tropical creams often require multiple treatments. Although, the relief they offer is almost instant, but for long term healing when it comes to chronic pain, it requires applying multiple doses.

To use Dr. Numb in body pain, just rub the cream over the affected area and gently massage the cream directly into the skin. Further, allow the cream to be absorbed and repeat the process after every 3 to 4 hours surely helps in eliminating the even the chronic pain.

Rubbing a pain cream on your affected area seems like a temporary fix. However, with constant usage, Dr. Numb can actually reduce the source of the pain directly.

Dr. Numb has no addictive properties, but still consulting a doctor for chronic pain management is highly recommended.

Live Painless Life!

With Dr. Numb, stop letting your chronic pain hinder your life. Feel young and pain free, do the things you like without the worry of chronic pain. Wash off your mind and get a new vigor for life. Get Dr. Numb today and live a painless life today!

Ease the Joint Pain from Arthritis with Dr. Numb

Can Dr. Numb Cream Ease the Joint Pain from Arthritis and Gout?

Before heading towards the main point, let us first understand the two prime words used here – Arthritis and Gout.

What is Arthritis?

Do you feel pain and stiffness in your body? Are you having trouble moving around? It might be a sign of arthritis!

Arthritis is a form of joint disorder that involves inflammation of one or more joints. Joints are places where two bones meet. Generally, arthritis cause pain and swelling in the joints which can further lead to contractions of the body organs like hands, fingers, etc. Some kinds of arthritis can also cause problems in your organs, such as your eyes or skin.

Ease the Joint Pain from Arthritis with Dr. Numb

There are over 100 different types of arthritis people suffer from. The most common type of arthritis is osteoarthritis – a degenerative joint disease, which is a result of trauma, infection of the joint, or age. Other arthritis forms are rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and related autoimmune diseases.

What is Gout?

Yet another common form of arthritis is the Gout. It is a join problem that causes intense pain in the joints, often affecting the large joint of the big toe. It can also affect the hands, wrists, knees, ankles and feet. It leads to the redness, inflammation and severe tenderness of the affected joints. The symptoms occur suddenly and often at night. Sometimes, the high levels of uric acid in the blood can also lead to urate crystal formation which gets accumulated to around joints causing gout.

Ease the Joint Pain from Arthritis with Dr. Numb

The recent decades has noticed a growth in the popularity of Gout, affecting about 1 to 2% of the Western population at some point in their lives. It is believed that the increasing risk factors in the population, such as metabolic syndrome, longer life expectancy, and changes in diet are the prime reason behind this sudden increase of the disease.

So, we have seen how critical these disorders and there impacts are. Although, there are various treatments and remedies available to treat these problems, if diagnosed at an early stage, one unique solution that is gaining overwhelming popularity throughout the world is Dr. Numb.

How Dr. Numb is effective in pain?

Topical anesthetics are now being commonly used for treatment of arthritis ad gout, in order to provide some relief to the affectants. These over the counter products are providing great comfort to patients suffering from these painful joint ailments.

Dr. Numb is an effective numbing solution that is also used to get relieve from arthritis and gout pain. Let’s know how?

This unique numbing solutions consists of Lidocaine and vitamin E. While Lidocaine is an anesthetic ingredient, Vitamin E is used to relieve from pain by clearing the clogged arteries and allowing the blood flow, which is the prime reason for arthritis. The composition of Vitamin E makes Dr. Numb a faster and effective pain reliever of arthritis and gout patients. Not only this, Dr. Numb is also a popular numbing solution for numbing the skin area to prepare it for various dermal procedures, such as immunization, laser treatment, minor surgeries, getting and removing tattoo, piercings, etc.

Dr. Numb

People who suffer from arthritis have to take regular doses of steroids. The regular intake of steroids makes them complain often of itching around the areas that are poked by the needle. One can understand how annoying are these itching. As such, numbing creams and patches work by releasing the sodium contained in the Lidocaine. This sodium blocks the electric signal of pain from travelling to the brain. The message from the pain receptors is blocked and the patient feels much more relaxed and in control. This is how the patients of arthritis and gout do not feel any pain on applying Dr. Numb.

Dr. Numb is 100% safe, fast and leaves you with long lasting numbing effect. It is very easy to use it – Just apply it over the area where you’re feeling the pain and let it do its magic!

So, if the pain of arthritis or gout is bringing tears in your eyes, get rid of them today by using the best and the effective formula – Dr. Numb.