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Numbing Cream for Fistula

Numbing-Cream-for-Fistula A fistula is a connection between two organs that have a lining of epithelial cells. This connection is either formed surgically or naturally. Read on to learn about the best numbing cream for Fistula, one that will make minor procedures involving Fistula pain-free.

Fistulas are often created in diabetic patients who are in need of dialysis. The doctors create a hollow passage between two organs in order to execute proper therapy for the patient. The pain threshold for the procedure is more than average.

Most doctors will administer a numbing cream in that particular region in order to lower the quotient of pain. Read on more to know about the benefits of numbing cream in procedures involving a fistula.

1. Threapautic Reasons

Fistulas are often created in a person’s body in order to offer therapeutic relief to the patient. These can only be created surgically. A numbing cream comes very useful in making the patient relaxed and comfortable.

2. Local Anesthetics

In the olden days, a person undergoing a surgery for a fistula was applied anesthetics with the help of an injection. But in today’s times, numbing creams are more preferred as they are convenient and offer quick relief.

3. Numbing Creams Much More Helpful

Most patients who undergo a fistula surgery reported that a numbing cream like Dr Numb was very powerful in reducing the pain to minimal. The application procedure was very simple and the effect deep penetrating.

4. Leave for Home Immediately

Minor surgeries are conducted in the out-patient ward. Hence, a patient who is numbed using a Dr Numb numbing cream can leave the premises the same day, as the effect lasts for three to four hours.

5. Gives a Patient More Confidence

Patients who are scared of needles and have a low threshold of pain find a numbing cream more convenient. Painless skin procedures are now possible.

Numbing cream For Fillers

Numbing Cream for Fillers

Dermal Fillers are being commonly used to fill up thin lips, augment contours, mellow down facial line and improve the overall appearance of the face. Read ahead to know more about the best numbing cream for fillers you can find at a drug store or on the Internet.

Numbing Cream for Fillers

Dermal Fillers are successful in restoring the lines of the face and manage to make it look young and full. Since it is classified as a minimal invasive procedure, there is a certain degree of pain involved for sure. A good numbing cream is often used before the procedure commences, in order to make the patient feel comfortable and relaxed. Let’s read more about the benefits of using a numbing cream during a dermal filler procedure.

1. The Ingredients in A Numbing Cream

A good numbing cream like Dr. Numb has the main active chemical lidocaine in it. For centuries, anesthetics have been using lidocaine for medical and dental procedures.

2. Lidocaine as a Pure Ingredient

The effectiveness of Lidocaine depends on its level of purity. The more refined it is, the more successful it will be.

3. How Does It Work

We feel pain when pain receptors are stimulated. These receptors are located at the nerve endings. The sodium enters the nerve endings and an electric signal is sent to the brain. The numbing cream blocks this signal and prevents the signal from reaching the brain.

4. Have a Pleasant Experience

Most people, who want to look younger, give up the thought of a dermal filler procedure, when they think of the pain involved. The flinching pain of needles can be unbearable for some. By using a reliable numbing cream like Dr. Numb, the option for looking young gets open for all.

Acne Scars - DrNumb

Micro-dermabrasion – Does It Work For Acne Scars

Although micro-dermabrasion works well for most people, many think twice before opting for it; they feel that it may harm their skin. Let us tell you that it does not really harm your skin in any manner. That’s just a myth propagated by misinformed users. Read on to learn more.

Acne Scars - DrNumb

Those of you, who suffer from terrible acne problems or have terrible pox marks all over the body, may find micro dermabrasion a great remedy for the removal of scars and other skin marks. However, many of you may still wonder whether it is really helpful in diminishing those marks and making your skin glow all over again. Let’s make an effort to find out the answer in this post —

  1. Micro-dermabrasion helps in the removal of the top layer of skin, thereby stimulating the collagen and encouraging the growth of a new layer of skin.
  2. Since, in this case, the old layer of skin gives way to a new one, the enlarged pores, the acne marks, uneven skin tones and the sunburns, which generally are a part of the top layer, recede and gives way to flawless and even skin tone.
  3. Besides, it has been scientifically proven that micro-dermabrasion helps to treat all the superficial acne marks and scars over the skin as, with prolonged use, it scratches off the thin top layer of the skin, which is generally the sight of all skin problems.
  4. Yes, micro-dermabrasion works if you follow the before and after instructions! It helps you to get your youthful smooth skin with a genial luster and smaller pores, reduces the fine lines and wrinkles and makes you feel the vibe of youth all over again.
  5. If you are worried about the pain, let us tell you that Dr Numb can effectively make micro-dermabrasion pain free.
Mole Removal-Dr.Numb

Does Apple Cider Vinegar Work For Mole Removal

Apple Cider Vinegar treatment is one of the best ways to remove a mole at home. However, one must always be careful as it consumes a lot of time.

Mole Removal-Dr.Numb

Apple Cider Vinegar is a boon to us. It helps us not only in wrapping some great delicacies but also remove some of the awkward skin problems. One such benefits of this type of vinegar are that it helps to clear off the moles easily. Well, if you don’t know the process, don’t worry for here we are to help you out—

1. Dip a cotton ball in ACV solution and squeeze out the excess. Apply this dressing over your mole and get it sealed with a band aid.

2. You need to repeat this process daily for at least 8 hours until and unless you see it getting blackened and, likewise, disappear.

3. After the first day, you’ll find it appearing white but by Day 3, it would take the form of a black crust and recede slowly.

4. Apply ACV for another day or two, and then leave it off. The mole will turn into a red dot which will disappear with time.

5. Since, ACV is a form of diluted acid, chances are that it’ll cause burning sensation to your skin and cause redness. So, don’t worry if you see such thing. This particular acid doesn’t harm the skin per se.

6. Since it’s a home treatment, you need to give it some time to cure. If you want the process to wrap up faster, then a doctor should be of immense help.

If you are not up for this makeshift technique of mole removal, consider getting the moles removed by a surgeon. Don’t worry about the pain. You can always use Dr Numb to allay the pain to a degree that you won’t even notice it.

Ear Piercing with Dr. Numb

How To Get Pierced Ears to Heal Faster

While getting ears pierced is almost mandatory for every other girl, the process to get it done can be quite risky if you don’t follow a proper healing regimen. Read on to learn more on how you can get your pierced ears to heal faster.

Ear Piercing with Dr. Numb


Have you got your ears pierced recently? If yes, then it is guaranteed that you’ll feel awkward and uncomfortable. However, after following some simple steps, you can let your ears to heal faster and better. To know those, read on this article—

1. Be Careful

Always handle the pierced place with care. Firstly, do not try to open the earring until and unless you’re sure that you don’t feel any pain. The earrings, made of hypo allergic materials, help to prevent the spread of germs, thereby keeping your ears safe and sound. And, if you’ve pierced your cartilage, then don’t open the earring for two to three months. If you fail pain, use a good topical anesthetic like Dr Numb so that you don’t have to keep scratching the area.

2. Clean it regularly

Clean the ears regularly to prevent the growth of any bacteria. Use good, medicated antibacterial soaps to this effort. Dab cotton balls in medicated cleaning solutions and apply it over the piercing regularly. After doing it, make sure you rotate the earring about its own place slowly, a bit each day. This will let you be sure about the healing intensity.

3. Watch Out for the Signs of Infection

Always be alert and take action immediately should you notice any redness or swelling near or about the pierced area. Adjust your earring likewise, and if it still persists, then it’s time for you to have a checkup done, or clean up the pus from a surgeon.

How to Get Temporary Tattoos Removed

Temporary tattoos look very nice and chic; however, they cannot be removed with mere soap and water. One needs to know about some basic steps to remove them easily and painlessly. If you have been looking for ways to get a temporary tattoo removed, this post is for you.

Have you recently done any temporary tattoo at some party? Or, has your kid come up with a temporary tattoo and you want it to get off immediately? Well, you can do so by following 5 simple steps at your home sans any pain or harmful chemicals—

1. Scrubbing

Apply baby oil over the tattoo and get it gently scrubbed by a cotton ball. Let the oil sit on the tattoo for a few minutes, and post that vigorously run off the tattoo with a towel and wash it off.

2. Peeling

Take a cello tape and place it over your tattoo. Pull it off in the opposite direction, and you will be able to see chunks of tattoo coming off. Apply ice over it, and you’re done. If you can’t bear the pain, use Dr Numb for pain relief. This cream can effectively numb the target area, allowing you to remove the tattoo easily.

3. Cold Cream

Massage cold cream over the area and gently rub it off using a wash towel. It’s the simplest and easiest method.

4. Nail Polish Remover

Take nail polish remover over cotton ball and rub it gently off. Post that, wash the area with soap and warm water to remove the traces of acetone.

5. Makeup Remover

Dab your makeup remover over a cotton ball and rub gently over your tattoo. Wash it off with soap and water, and let the place air dry. Repeat the process, if need be!