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Tips on How to Achieve Painless Hair Waxing

Tips on How to Achieve Painless Hair Waxing

Whether the temperature is high or low, hair removal is the need of both women and men. No one loves those growing hair on their body. But, to keep them off your skin is definitely not an easy task. Check out here how you can keep it pain free!

Tips on How to Achieve Painless Hair Waxing

Waxing- yes, it hurts! But, in order to have a flawless skin, it is hard to skip your waxing sessions. Whether you are going it for first time or had already been to the parlor number of times, the level of pain remains almost same. However, that doesn’t mean you should keep away from flaunting your soft and smooth skin. You love to do so, and you must go for it.

Fortunately, there are various techniques which can make the process easier and pain free than ever. Want to know them; here is a list of things you must try:

Washing to prepare:

Preparing your body is essential task before you go for waxing. Thus, make sure you properly wash out the areas you want to get waxed. You can use a mild liquid soap for this. And if you have already applied some kind of moisturizer or cream on the specific area, cleaning becomes more necessary. The reason being, the treatment becomes more difficult and painful as the hair takes longer to come out. And there are chances that you need to use the wax strips and razor repeatedly, which will definitely leave you shouting out of pain.

Keep it taut:

Remember, when you go for waxing it is important to hold the skin taut. Else it will be difficult to strip and will cause greater amount of pain. In addition, keep in mind that you never peel the strip back in the same direction as of the hair growth. Doing so, you will land up causing red bumps and more pain. Instead, try to apply pressure to the waxed area, it will relieve you significantly.

Underarms need more attention:

There is no doubt that removing hair from underarms is the most painful part. While you are doing so, make sure you are extra careful. Actually, the hair in underarms tends to be coarser. Also they grow in different directions. Hence, while waxing you should do it in two parts, i.e. top and bottom sections.

Numbness is a solution:

One of the best ways to eliminate pain from the waxing process, especially in the areas like bikini line, is using a numbing solution. Nowadays, a number of numbing gels and creams are available. You can consult the professionals or try any safe cream like Dr. Numb. Just apply on the area before your waxing appointment and feel relaxed. Basically, the cream makes the area numb, blocking the pain signals and making waxing ouch-free.

Say ‘no’ to shaving:

Waxing is little painful. But that doesn’t mean you should go for ruthless methods like shaving. It will make your hair grow denser than ever. Also, there are rare chances to get it done perfect in the first attempt. The razor you use can cause severe cut and lead to bleeding. Hence, trying it on sensitive parts should be strictly prohibited. Regular waxing will make your skin smooth. So, trying shaving is not advisable.

Expert aid is the best way:

Waxing is a hair removal process, which needs to be carried under expert’s supervision. It required sufficient experience to be done flawlessly. Hence, unless you are quite an expert, do not even think of waxing your body on your own. Else, you will be messing up the things for yourself. Without knowing the right technique can lead to several problems like skin issues, like rashes, redness, bumps, itchiness, etc.

Going for Brazilian- be careful!

Brazilian waxing is well-known form of waxing and it causes severe pain. Hence, if you are going for it you need some extra preparation. You can go for some yoga poses; it will make you more flexible and make things quite easier. It will cut down the time of waxing. Thus, you will have to bear pain for less time.

Waxing is surely one of the most effective ways to get rid of body hair. But, if this process seems to be painful, the above mentioned tips will be of great use to reduce the pain you experienced earlier!

Why Tattoo Artists Like to Use Dr. Numb Cream Instead of Other Brands?

Why Tattoo Artists Like to Use Dr. Numb Cream Instead of Other Brands?

The act of tattooing is intensely painful. Obviously, when the needle pierce into the skin and draws over it, we feel pain. However, the extent of pain depends upon the size of the tattoo, the tattoo artist and the pain threshold of the person.

Why Tattoo Artists Like to Use Dr. Numb Cream Instead of Other Brands?

To ward off the pain, tattoo artists suggest their clients to use a numbing agent prior to undergoing the tattoo process. A numbing agent makes the skin area frozen so that the client does not feel any pain.

Since, body styling and dermal procedures have become common today, including methods like tattooing, body piercing, waxing, laser, fraxel, etc., there are myriads of numbing creams available in the market. But, not every numbing cream is the best.

Among the top list of numerous numbing solutions, Tattoo artist usually rely on Dr. Numb for getting rid of pain effectively. Having a quality, safe numbing cream like Dr. Numb can help you make tattooing an enjoyable experience.

Here are the reasons why tattoo artist prefer Dr. Numb for tattooing.

Dr. Numb Numbing Agent for Tattooing

The reason why Dr. Numb is so popular today is its key constituent Lidocaine. Lidocaine is an anesthetic agent that effects highly if used in right amount. When you apply Dr. Numb before undergoing a painful process on the skin area that is to be tattooed, this powerful topical anesthetic blocks your nerve endings, making it impossible for them to transmit pain signals to your brain. When the pain signals don’t reach the brain, you don’t feel any pain. The numbing effect remains for three to hours and you hardly feel any pain while needles pierce your skin.

Dr. Numb

Why Dr. Numb is the best?

  • numb constituents Lidocaine, that too in 5% amount which is approved by FDA and is said to be the required amount for effectiveness. In addition, it also contains Vitamin E that helps in healing of skin tissues. The presence of these ingredients makes Dr. Numb safe and natural.
  • The main ingredient in Dr. Numb is Lidocaine, which is one of the strongest topical anesthetics. This is why it is highly effective.
  • It shows results within a couple of minutes of use that may last nearly four hours. This means that you not only feel numbness while undergoing the painful procedure but even after the procedure is over. This saves your from freaking out post procedure.
  • The numbing effect is so strong that you feel little or no pain while the pigment penetrates into your skin’s dermal layer with needles.
  • As said earlier, Dr. Numb is natural. This makes it a side-effect free numbing agent.
  • The cool part when it comes to using Dr. Numb in tattooing is that it not at all affects your tattoo ink or tattoo. So, you need not to worry about your tattoo design being distorted with its use.


How Does Dr. Numb work?

When you apply Dr. Numb onto the skin, it creates a barrier between the nerves and the brain by blocking the pain signals released by the nerve endings. This is the reason you feel no pain at all.

Consider taking certain precautions, when using Dr. Numb, including:

  1. Cleaning and drying the area to be treated properly.
  2. Applying a thick layer and rubbing gently.
  3. Covering the creamed portion with a saran wrap only.

Remember to follow these instructions carefully. In case, your skin is too subtle, consider consulting a dermatologist or an expert tattoo artist before using an over the counter topical numbing cream.

Medical Warnings

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a public health advisory warning in 2007 regarding the use of Numbing Creams. According to this:

  • A numbing Cream should be used in the presence of a clinician.
  • Avoid applying them for an extended period of time.
  • Should not be applied over a large surface of the skin.
  • Should not be used over inflamed or irritated skin.

These guidelines should always be followed while using topical anesthetics to avoid life threatening effects. Over time, many over-the-counter anesthetics have taken over the market. To ensure their safety, FDA has prescribed the right amount of Lidocaine composition they should contain. Therefore, make sure to check this percentage before purchasing a numbing cream.

Can I Be Addicted to Dr. Numb Cream as Body Pain Relief?

Can Anyone Be Addicted to Dr. Numb Cream as Body Pain Relief?

Dr. Numb is a numbing agent that is used to relieve from pain caused during various dermal procedures like tattooing, minor skin procedures, piercings, etc. It is a natural solution that has proved to be very effective in relieving such pain. But, the cool part is that Dr. Numb can also be used as a tropical pain relief agent, i.e. to get rid of the muscular and joint pain or body pain. Let’s know more!

Can I Be Addicted to Dr. Numb Cream as Body Pain Relief?

Dr. Numb as Body Pain Reliever
Body Pain such as severe headache, chronic joint pain, back pain, etc. can sometimes prove to be ordeal for you demanding immediate attention. Taking pain-killers are not always the right option as these pain killers has adverse effects on the liver and kidneys, which can cause prolonged chronic harm in future.

Using Topical agents are a much better and reliable option than taking pain relief medicines; an obvious reason is there is no side-effect of these topical creams (except some special cases, depending on the chemical compositions). Among the myriads of options available around, one of the most effective, reliable and 100% safe topical agent is Dr. Numb.

Bodypain- Dr Numb

Although, it is an anesthetic agent that is used to ward off the pain caused during various dermal procedures and minor surgeries, it is also effective in attaining relief in various body pains. It is because of its compositions with which it is prepared – Lidocaine and Vitamin E.

Dr. Numb – Chemical Composition and Body Pain

Sufferers of chronic pain often do anything in order to relieve the pain. Chronic pain is a vicious loop of inflammation and pain. The triggering of a pain response by the affected area prompts your body to inflame the surrounding tissue. But, when the problem is kept unaddressed, it leads to chronic pain, just like in the case of severe arthritis.

Dr Numb

The reason why Dr. Numb is so effective even in body pain relief, despite the fact that it’s an anesthetic cream is due to the presence of LIDOCAINE in it. Lidocaine is an effective pain reliever due to the way it addresses an issue on a microscopic level. The availability of right amount of Lidocaine (5% as approved by FDA) makes Dr. Numb a right choice in body pain too.

Dr. Numb – Lidocaine and Body Pain

Generally, whenever we are in pain, our nerve cells release signals informing our brain about the problem and to react with the pain. When one uses Dr. Numb, the Lidocaine stops the nerve cell from emitting the signal collectively. Instead of unveiling the pain, it stops it before it has a chance to arise. When the brain doesn’t receive any signal from the nerve cell, it assumes that everything is fine and as such results in no inflammatory response. Therefore, people suffering from any chronic pain are recommended to use should Dr. Numb cream.

Acute pain can also be treated with Dr. Numb. Virtually any injury can be treated with Dr. Numb in order to relieve the pain immediately. It is exceptionally useful for itching, sunburn, muscle aches, sprained ankles, back pain and even headaches.

Tropical creams often require multiple treatments. Although, the relief they offer is almost instant, but for long term healing when it comes to chronic pain, it requires applying multiple doses.

To use Dr. Numb in body pain, just rub the cream over the affected area and gently massage the cream directly into the skin. Further, allow the cream to be absorbed and repeat the process after every 3 to 4 hours surely helps in eliminating the even the chronic pain.

Rubbing a pain cream on your affected area seems like a temporary fix. However, with constant usage, Dr. Numb can actually reduce the source of the pain directly.

Dr. Numb has no addictive properties, but still consulting a doctor for chronic pain management is highly recommended.

Live Painless Life!

With Dr. Numb, stop letting your chronic pain hinder your life. Feel young and pain free, do the things you like without the worry of chronic pain. Wash off your mind and get a new vigor for life. Get Dr. Numb today and live a painless life today!

Ease the Joint Pain from Arthritis with Dr. Numb

Can Dr. Numb Cream Ease the Joint Pain from Arthritis and Gout?

Before heading towards the main point, let us first understand the two prime words used here – Arthritis and Gout.

What is Arthritis?

Do you feel pain and stiffness in your body? Are you having trouble moving around? It might be a sign of arthritis!

Arthritis is a form of joint disorder that involves inflammation of one or more joints. Joints are places where two bones meet. Generally, arthritis cause pain and swelling in the joints which can further lead to contractions of the body organs like hands, fingers, etc. Some kinds of arthritis can also cause problems in your organs, such as your eyes or skin.

Ease the Joint Pain from Arthritis with Dr. Numb

There are over 100 different types of arthritis people suffer from. The most common type of arthritis is osteoarthritis – a degenerative joint disease, which is a result of trauma, infection of the joint, or age. Other arthritis forms are rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and related autoimmune diseases.

What is Gout?

Yet another common form of arthritis is the Gout. It is a join problem that causes intense pain in the joints, often affecting the large joint of the big toe. It can also affect the hands, wrists, knees, ankles and feet. It leads to the redness, inflammation and severe tenderness of the affected joints. The symptoms occur suddenly and often at night. Sometimes, the high levels of uric acid in the blood can also lead to urate crystal formation which gets accumulated to around joints causing gout.

Ease the Joint Pain from Arthritis with Dr. Numb

The recent decades has noticed a growth in the popularity of Gout, affecting about 1 to 2% of the Western population at some point in their lives. It is believed that the increasing risk factors in the population, such as metabolic syndrome, longer life expectancy, and changes in diet are the prime reason behind this sudden increase of the disease.

So, we have seen how critical these disorders and there impacts are. Although, there are various treatments and remedies available to treat these problems, if diagnosed at an early stage, one unique solution that is gaining overwhelming popularity throughout the world is Dr. Numb.

How Dr. Numb is effective in pain?

Topical anesthetics are now being commonly used for treatment of arthritis ad gout, in order to provide some relief to the affectants. These over the counter products are providing great comfort to patients suffering from these painful joint ailments.

Dr. Numb is an effective numbing solution that is also used to get relieve from arthritis and gout pain. Let’s know how?

This unique numbing solutions consists of Lidocaine and vitamin E. While Lidocaine is an anesthetic ingredient, Vitamin E is used to relieve from pain by clearing the clogged arteries and allowing the blood flow, which is the prime reason for arthritis. The composition of Vitamin E makes Dr. Numb a faster and effective pain reliever of arthritis and gout patients. Not only this, Dr. Numb is also a popular numbing solution for numbing the skin area to prepare it for various dermal procedures, such as immunization, laser treatment, minor surgeries, getting and removing tattoo, piercings, etc.

Dr. Numb

People who suffer from arthritis have to take regular doses of steroids. The regular intake of steroids makes them complain often of itching around the areas that are poked by the needle. One can understand how annoying are these itching. As such, numbing creams and patches work by releasing the sodium contained in the Lidocaine. This sodium blocks the electric signal of pain from travelling to the brain. The message from the pain receptors is blocked and the patient feels much more relaxed and in control. This is how the patients of arthritis and gout do not feel any pain on applying Dr. Numb.

Dr. Numb is 100% safe, fast and leaves you with long lasting numbing effect. It is very easy to use it – Just apply it over the area where you’re feeling the pain and let it do its magic!

So, if the pain of arthritis or gout is bringing tears in your eyes, get rid of them today by using the best and the effective formula – Dr. Numb.

Is Dr. Numb Safe to Use on Children?

Is Dr. Numb Safe to Use on Children?

Children are known to be the most sensitive to infections and medications. As such, the doctors prescribe medications and their doses according to the age of the child. But this is not the same when it comes to use Dr. Numb for children. Let us know why?

Is Dr. Numb Safe to Use on Children?

Screaming, crying and impatience are normal reaction with the children. Whether it’s an injury or an immunization, children are very sensitive to pain. It is really hard and painful for them to undergo this kind of procedure. Such pain can sometimes bring trauma to the children.

Even when it comes to prescribing drugs and other medications for the children, doctors and clinicians take great care while giving them medication and dozes. Overdose can lead to many hilarious circumstances in the children.

Skin Numbing Solution for Children
But, the good news is that to relieve them from pain, there is an effective way out. We now have the advance combination of anesthetic ingredients, which is recognized safe and effective to numb the area that needs to undergo a painful skin procedure like immunization. And, the best part is that it can undoubtedly be used with children, even infants too. This numbing cream will definitely help your kids go through various skin procedures like immunizations and deal with it with ease.

Dr. Numb – The Best Numbing Cream for Children
The reason why Dr. numb is safe to be used with children is the fact that it contains the highest amount of Lidocaine which is the prime anesthetic ingredient. Lidocaine helps in numbing the skin to prepare it for painful skin procedures. This has been already used throughout the sphere by individuals and has definitely helped them to go through various skin procedures, including children and infants. Often the parents look out for products that would actually help their children take immunizations without pain. This is the reason why Dr. Numb made an effort to help people in their accomplishments.

Why Dr. Numb for children?

Dr. Numb

The new creams of the Dr. Numb comes with Vitamin E as an ingredient which makes it to faster and effective more than ever! However, there are precautions that you need to take before making the final decision of using any numbing agent to numb the area that needs to have a procedure with, especially in the cases of kids. Consulting a doctor is important, especially for children aging 6 years old and below. It is vital to know if your kid will be able to tolerate the given chemicals.

There are kids who have allergic reactions to certain chemicals. And.. as said.. Precaution is better than cure! So, it is always best to consult your doctor if you can tolerate using anesthetic agents, especially for kids. Just put in mind that no matter what, and about whom, Dr. Numb is always available to help you go through your fear.

How to Apply it on The Skin
It is very easy to get instant numbness with Dr. Numb. Just follow these simple steps and see the magic:
1. Wash the skin well and tap it dry with clean cloth.
2. Rub a small amount of cream onto the skin for 30 seconds where the procedure is to be done.
3. Apply more cream to conceal the area about the size of a quarter. This coating should be thick enough, like icing on a cake.
4. Rinse your hands with water if you are not wearing gloves. Do not use soap or alcohol gels as it can raise the amount of medicine absorbed.
5. The cream works best if it is completely covered with plastic wrap, so wrap it well. Other good options are a different brand of clear plastic wrap or the tape that comes with the cream.
6. Leave the cream in place until it is time for the procedure. Wipe it away. Do not use heat or cold on the area with cream since this can change the amount of medicine absorbed.

The skin will get numb for the next 3-4 hours so that your child cannot feel the pain of the needle and waste its precious tears.

Is Dr.Numb Is Useful To Elderly People

Is Dr.Numb Is Useful To Elderly People?

Some people think that pain comes with the growing age. And the older people just keep on complaining for it! But do you know that this ‘pain’ can lead to several problems.

Is Dr.Numb Is Useful To Elderly People

Yes, people with pain are often more prone to anxiety and depression. In fact, there is greater risk for weight loss, poor concentration, and difficulties with relationships. But you really don’t need to fear of the pain now. As now you can control the pain. For this you don’t need to go for those combinations of drug and nondrug strategies. You can reduce a long list of pain in elderly people with help of Dr. Numb.

Check out how it can help the old age persons in your home to lead a happy and pain free life:

Diabetic Shots:

Being one of the major problems in the old age, diabetes is difficult to control. In order to prevent further complications, one needs to maintain the normal and consistent amount of blood sugar in body. Therefore, it is highly advised that one should be very careful with what you consume, in what amount and at what time. In short, it requires a lot of adjustments, both in terms of physically and emotionally state, which is surely not an easy job. Besides, the diabetic needs to undergo a complete medication process, which also includes insulin shot on a daily basis.

These shots are really a fearful thing to the elderly people. For a long and healthy life, one has to take these diabetic shots daily. But, there is no escape from this. However, there is an easy way to cut down the pain. Dr.  Numb can help you if you fear of the needle doctor use for giving insulin. It is an easy, affordable and reliable way to handle pain. All you need to do is apply it on the surface you are going to be injected. It hardly takes few second to numb the subjected surface and then you can go for the shots. Isn’t it simple!

Minor surgeries

The growing age brings forth several minor and major health problems. While some of them can be cured with medicines, on the other hand to get rid of another you need to go through minor surgeries. Generally, these types of surgeries are done in an out-patient ward and the after the treatment the patient is sent home immediately. But there is no doubt in the fact that these surgeries induce pain. Not a big problem. Now you can undergo these procedures without fear and no need to stay more days in the hospital. The solution lies with Dr. Numb.  It is the only topical anesthetic which works for 3-4 hours effectively. And minor surgeries don’t last longer than this duration.

Hence, you don’t need to ask for the old way of applying anesthetics through injection shot. You just have to apply Dr. Numb on the affected part and it will provide the appropriate numbness. The doctors can then carry out their process easily. Moreover, it is highly recommended by doctors across the US and Canada. Thus, you can count on its safety and effectiveness.


Just imagine a day, when your grandma or grandpa wakes up sneezing, coughing and suffering from body ache. You often take it as just common cold symptoms, but what if it is flu? Now you need to keep them in bed for few days or it can turn into serious health conditions like pneumonia.
The first thing which strikes your mind is that you need influenza vaccine to keep them safe from the influenza virus. Again the needle trauma can be a hindrance between their health and treatment. Make it simple with the most efficient anesthetic ingredients, Dr. Numb. It will numb the area where the needle shot has to be given for vaccination. Not only flu vaccination, next time whenever they need to vaccinated for any reason, just remember Dr. Numb.

Thus, this magical solution is a must have in your house, if you want the elderly people to be comfortable and happy always!


Lidocaine- All you need to know about it!


Lidocaine– it is defined as “a common local anesthetic and class-1b antiarrhythmic drug”. Basically, this drug is used for instantly relieving the patient suffering from itching, burning or pain due to skin inflammations, injected as a dental anesthetic, etc. It is also used in minor surgeries as a local anesthetic.

It is one of the most essential medicines used in the health care industry. Coming from the family of medicines called local anesthetics, it prevents pain by blocking the signals at the nerve endings. Remember, it is applied to the skin surface and it does not cause unconsciousness as general anesthetics do. Generally, you will find it in various forms such as:

  • Cream
  • Patch, Extended Release
  • Ointment
  • Lotion
  • Gel/Jelly
  • Foam
  • Dressing
  • Spray
  • Solution
  • Powder
  • Aerosol Liquid
  • Why Lidocaine is popular worldwide?

    Lidocaine has been used for years to reduce pain and discomfort caused due to cuts, scratches and skin irritations like sunburn, poison oak, poison sumac, insect bites, poison ivy, etc. It is a numbing medication, which is also used for:

    • Treating sores inside the mouth
    • During various dental procedures, ranging from gums, mouth to the throat before a surgery

    Is it safe to be used?

    Do you know that an overdose of numbing medicine having high quantity of Lidocaine can prove to be fatal? Besides, it also has a number of side effects too. An overdose of this drug can cause seizure (convulsions), uneven heartbeats, slowed breathing, coma and even respiratory failure.

    Thus, it always advised to use the smallest amount of this medicine for skin numbing and other treatment. In addition, using large amounts of lidocaine or covering the treated skin areas with a bandage without medical advice is prohibited.

    Another danger of Lidocaine is to your pets and animals. The presence of lidocaine in the skin patches turns to be very harmful for your child or pet. Moreover, using this medicine to treat babies in pain (dental) can prove to be fatal.

    Can it be used for hair removal process?

    Hair removal falls into the basic need category. But, it is painful. Whether you go for waxing or laser removal, it is painful. For removing the pain from these procedures, a number of people opt for lidocaine. But will you believe several fatal overdoses cases have occurred when numbing medicines containing high quantity of this topical anesthetic was used during the cosmetic procedures like laser hair removal?

    Yes, it can happen to anyone.

    Does Dr. Numb use Lidocaine?

    Dr. Numb is one of the most recommended topical anesthetic creams and yes it uses 5% Lidocaine. But, the best part about using this cream is that it is highly-effective. And the reason is the formula, which addresses every single need of the people.

    Is Dr. Numb safe?

    Manufactured in the state-of-the art FDA and GMP-compliant facility, it is highly useful is various skin treatments. To make it safe, the manufacturers maintain the quality of the product as per the ISO standards. Astounding results have contributed significantly to its growing global presence. Nowadays it is being advised by dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, aestheticians, hospitals and clinics for the following reasons:

  • It reduces the immediate feeling of pain and produce numbness after few seconds of application.
  • It is available over the counter. Hence, you don’t need a doctor prescription to buy it or use it.
  • It is highly effective in numbing the skin and works for more than three hours.
  • In all, it is 100% safe for treating a number of dermal applications such as body piercing, laser tattoo removal, laser hair removal, needle injections, tattooing, body waxing, and other dermatological procedures.


    Numbing Cream for Bee Stings


    People are often stung by bees and most of them recover pretty soon. A bee sting is different from other insect bites, and hence the body reacts differently to it.

    There are different kinds of bees namely sweat, honey and bumble bees. Most bees only sting when they feel threatened. A bee sometimes also stings when somebody accidently bumps into their way. A bee bite can be very painful and can also result in an anxiety attack in some people. By applying Dr Numb numbing cream in the area of the sting, the patient will instantly feel relieved. Let’s read some more, about how a good quality numbing cream such as Dr Numb can come handy in case of bee stings.

    1. Treatment in a Bee Sting

    When a person is stung by a bee, the first thing to do is extract the stinger, clean the wound thoroughly and apply an antihistamine to control the swelling. The time the stinger remains inside the body, it should be assumed that the venom is being pumped into the body. While removing the stinger, care should be taken that all of it is removed.

    2. Removing the Stinger

    Removal of a stinger is a very simple step. It can be removed by using two fingers, a tweezer or even a corner of a credit card will do. Next, the wound should be carefully cleaned with a clean cloth and lukewarm water.

    3. Use a numbing cream for bee stings

    Some people are allergic to bee stings and others are not. When a bee stings a person, the target area becomes swollen in no time; it may start hurting very badly. Some people may also display the signs of an allergic reaction.  By applying a numbing cream, the patient can get rid of the pain in less than half an hour.


    Numbing Cream For Blood Draw


    There are effective numbing creams out there for people suffering from Needle-o-phobia. People suffering from a scare of needles stand to benefit from numbing creams.

    A number of people are reluctant to go to a clinic or a hospital for a medical treatment as they have a strong fear of needles or injections. But some treatments are intra muscular and intravenous and the needle cannot be avoided. For some treatments, the only way a correct diagnosis can be done is through a blood sample. A good numbing cream such as Dr Numb comes very handy at this stage; it eliminates the pain of the needle prick to an effective degree. The fear of needles can practically be eliminated by the use of Dr Numb.

    1. A Breakthrough in Topical Anesthetics

    Numbing creams are a major breakthrough in anesthetics and are often being recommended by doctors to patients. Dr Numb, for example, is completely safe and very effective in making painful procedures much more compatible and comfortable.

    2. Useful In Drawing Blood

    A good numbing cream can make the process of taking a blood sample very simple and hassle free. The nurse or the doctor asks the patient to apply the cream at least an hour before and then come to the clinic. When the needle is pierced to withdraw the blood, the patient does not feel a thing and can co-operate without any anxiety whatsoever.

    3. How Does A Numbing Cream Work?

    A popular and trusted product by like Dr Numb has an active chemical ingredient called Lidocaine. This releases a sodium radical on application that effectively numbs the nerve endings. The electric signal from the pain receptors is blocked and prevented from reaching the brain. Even after the blood sample is taken, the patient feels comfortable for the next three to four hours.