Cartilage Piercing Bump and Infection: Causes & Symptoms!

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When it is about ears and nose cartilage piercings, people are often found terrified of these due to one common reason. Yes, those bumps, which arrive just after the piercing. In addition, the occurrences of those compact scars, which acquire round the exit holes, leave them in more fear. Let’s find out the causes and symptoms of these bumps here.

Cartilage Piercing

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Different form of body arts are getting popular these days. While some fashion savvy people go for tattooing, others prefer choosing varying styles of body piercing. Among all the other forms, earlobe piercing is the one which has been famous since ages.

 And nowadays an increasingly large number of people are showing great interest in cartilage piercings. Actually, the cartilage is the upper part of your ear and piercing here can be quite dangerous. It might lead to severe infections and those fearful bumps are never easy to deal with.

Do you know that a cartilage piercing has greater chances of catching infection? Yes, the infection rate for cartilage piercings is approx 34%, while for rest of your body it is just 22%. Hence, before you go a cartilage piercing, it is important to learn about the ‘bump’. Without wasting anytime, read on the major causes and then the symptoms.

What causes cartilage piercing bump?

While there can be enormous reasons why you one has to deal with a cartilage piercing bump, the common three are listed here.

Improper Personal Hygiene:

Not only for cartilage piercing, but also overlooking your hygiene could be dangerous for any other type. It is essential for you to pay attention to keep your pierced area clean and dry, especially during the healing period. Make sure, you keep your hair away from the area. Avoid regular touching or jewelry changing in the beginning.

Unhygienic Methods:

When it is about infections, the unhygienic practices are the major reason behind. If you choose a piercer who uses unsterilized equipment, including a gun or a needle, you are putting yourself at risk. Getting a piercing job done with unsterilized equipment is a surefire way to get infected.  

Inexpensive/ Inappropriate Jewelry:

As stated earlier the skin here is very sensitive, and using an improper piece of jewelry can lead to infections and development of cartilage piercing bump. This is common when you wear jewelry crafted from a material you’re allergic to. Mostly, nickel is the culprit. So, it is advised that you switch to jewelry made from gold, stainless steel, or titanium.

Now, it time to look for the major symptoms of cartilage piercing infection and bumps:

If a cartilage piercing bump occurs, it simply indicates that you’ve developed an infection. But there are some symptoms which might appear after 3-4 weeks of the piercing. You might suffer from severe pain. Here are other common symptoms which can appear skin around your cartilage piercing along with tenderness and pain in its early stages:

  • Around your piercing, hotness is felt on the area
  • Fever can occur in some cases
  • Discharge of yellow or green pus
  • Prolonged bleeding
  • Formation of crust on your piercing

So, these were some of the most common signs which appear after you get cartilage pierced. Now, if you are looking for some home treatments to cure bumps and infections, you will have to wait for the next post.

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