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Knowing how to do ear lobe stretching legitimately can save you from a lot of pain and sorrow, because if completed the wrong way, stretching ear cartilage can harm your ears.

Ear lobe stretching, otherwise, called ear lobe gauging or ear cartilage stretching, is an extremely old practice used by old civilizations as a grown-up toy or for religious reasons. It was not simply limited to ear cartilage, and was applied to lips, tongues and different parts of the body, at times to amazing levels. The same fundamental method is used as a part of every case, independent of the part of the body concerned.

Ear Lobe Piercing

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Most ear lobe stretching, or gauging, is trailed by ear adornments intended to fit the extended gap in the lobe. These can be conventional studs, hanging beautifications or even tissue tunnels intended to emphasis the opening through the ear lobe. These can be made of plastic or metal, and regular gold since it is a non-allergenic metal.

The main stage is to have your ears pierced in the  away, in spite of the fact that if you mean to extend the piercing then it is firmly exhorted that you have the underlying piercing done by an expert who can pierce your ear to 16 gauge, or 1.2-1.3 mm. The genuine millimeter reciprocals of the different gaging can change between sources, however most non-geniuses can pierce to gage 20 – 18 (0.8 – 1.0 mm). Needle piercing is wanted to a gun if you expect to extend it.

Here are the steps that you need to follow:


To begin with, have a shower or wash your ears with warm water. This makes them gentler and averts tearing. After this, wash your hands and ear cartilage with a hostile to bacterial cleanser not perfumed. Smear the sterile over the decrease and afterward you are ready to start.

Ear Lobe Stretching Methods

There are numerous techniques you can use, for example, decreasing, Teflon taping, weights and scalpeling that includes removing the bigger opening with a surgical tool, however, it is not suggested that you attempt that yourself! The old strategy, used by Africans for their ears and lips, includes hanging a weight frame the piercing and stretching the hole mechanically.

The most ideal way for you to use yourself is tapering. There are presently three possibilities for tapered ear lobe stretching:

Insertion Taper:

Taper Styles

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This is around 3 inches in length, and is steadily embedded into the ear. The hoop or other adornments are embedded comfortable back (thicker) of the end of the taper, and afterward all are pushed directly through. The taper turns out and the ring with the bigger pin is in your ear.

Taper Spike:

Taper Spike

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This is added similarly as the insertion taper, just the adornments are not taken after. The spike is held in the red with flexible groups until it has recuperated and after that, the following size is added.

Taper Ring:

Taper Rings

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The stud itself has a tapered spike that is embedded in the same as above, and afterward altered as expected.

Aftercare of Ear Lobe Stretching

Regardless of the technique used, the ear lobe should be washed with against bacterial cleanser after every stretching. Ocean salt can be used to keep the piercing clean at a high fixation. Clean it often until completely recuperated before going ahead with the following gage. Never use any liquor based or peroxide-based clean since they can demolish white platelets and dry out the cells around the piercing.

Stick on to these guidelines and you ought to have the capacity to complete your own particular ear lobe stretching and get the outcome that you need. One essential thing to recollect that: this ought not hurt much, and ought not drain. In both of these cases stop, hold up until your piercing has healed and try once more.

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