Captivating Flower Tattoos To Get Inked!

March 27, 2017   271

For a few reasons, I like flower tattoos more than others, what about you? If you are also a flower tattoo lover and searching for the attractive tattoos, then you have come to the right place!

The image of a tattoo can be captivating that it blends up all our senses. You can have a flower tattoo with a spiked metal around it, which looks amazingly great. It’s Ying and Yang, cherishing and sweet, but only when it conveys some meaning.

I have gathered a list of meaningful flower tattoos as a guide before you tattoo them on your body. Take a look;

  • Rose tattoos are staggering when done gorgeously on a lady. It is a well known tattoo in females, although we have seen men also with rose tattoos. It means a soft and gentle character and towards a ladylike identity.
  • The Lotus flower grows from a bud stuck in mud on the river bed and gradually blossoms to rise up and out of the river taking the share of the sunlight. Lotus tattoos characterize someone’s spiritual and personality qualities resting within the person.
  • A symbol of partnership, the lily flower shows an enduring relationship. It is likewise symbolic of mothers.
  • Tulip flower tattoos shows conformity and opportunity, and furthermore means accomplishment and goal.
  • The sunflower tattoo is extremely well known as a tattoo design as it symbolizes riches and good fortunes.
  • The cactus flower is a symbol of maternal love since it can continue and flourish in cruel conditions and thus, symbolic of a mother’s unequivocal love.
  • Daisy flower tattoos are well known among ladies, especially younger ladies who getting tattoos for the first time. White daisies show honesty and virtue, red daisies shows the intensity and activeness while blue daisies show care and affection.
  • Cherry bloom tattoos are famous in Asia, especially in Japan showing the uniqueness of the Japanese culture. In Japan, this tattoo design symbolizes sympathy towards things, sensitivity towards ephemera. It even means mortality and life.
  • If you need to catch attention of your loved one, camellia bloom tattoo is great. With its sensitive delicate, round petals and tender bends, it is considered as a symbol of craving, passion, and refinement. It shows a deep longing in the heart for your adored. It is a symbol of flawlessness and brilliance.
  • The daffodil tattoos conveys confidence, genuineness, truth, forgiveness, and honesty. If you have any of these qualities in you, get this flower inked on your favorite part.
  • Are you that unique or eclectic person, then Dahlia flower tattoo is a good option. The dahlia is a zesty blossom, and its meaning ranges from a sign of caution, to change, to travel, to even a sign of disloyalty.

You may consider these flower tattoos to set new trends this year. All you need is to ask your tattooist to numb the area with Dr. Numb before getting inked to ease the pain and enjoy the making of your favorite tattoo.


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