Can we Use numbing creams for laser hair removal treatment?

March 18, 2016   1078

While laser hair removal is an amazing alternative to waxing that helps you get rid of your unwanted body hair, a bitter truth about this technique s is that it is very painful. But, here we have something for you to deal with this trouble. Have a look.

Can we Use numbing creams for laser hair removal treatment?


Do you have a low tolerance for pain? Is the pain of laser hair removal too much? If this is the case with you, numbing cream is the best remedy for you. Read on to find out how numbing crams can help.

About The Numbing Creams

Numbing Creams are topical anesthetic creams that make your body area numb over which they are applied. These numbing creams are helpful mostly when you’re undergoing any painful dermal procedure like laser.

These numbing creams work by blocking the nerve signal from reaching the mind. When our mind doesn’treceive any pain signal, we don’t feel pain.

While you’re required to spend a good deal on getting laser hair removal, it is important for you to make yourself as comfortable as possible. Hence, numbing creams are your best bet. Moreover, the creams aren’t costly. Numbing creams can help you ease your pain during and after the laser procedure.

Not the Only Use…

Numbing creams aren’t just for laser hair removal. These can help with other forms of hair removal & beauty treatments too. Some other uses are:

  • Waxing
  • Tattooing
  • Piercing
  • Microdermabrasion, etc.

Other Uses & Pain Reduction

The most important reason to use numbing cream is easing the pain. So how much do they actually reduce pain by? Typically 30-80% pain reduction depending on the quality of the cream and the amount applied. This should make the process tolerable to an individual with even the lowest pain tolerance.

Laser hair removal instrument have loads of different settings; the higher the setting the more painful the treatment is. Hence, applying numbing cream before the process is a necessity.Much better and faster results can be obtained this way.

When to Use It

When the pain receptors are stimulated then it causes painful sensations in the body. After the stimulation sodium enters the nerve ending and results into building of an electrical signal in the nerve. If this electrical gets big it reaches the brain through nerves. The pain interprets these electrical signals as pain.Numbing Creams come into action at this time. It temporarily blocks the pathway of pain signals along nerves by not letting the sodium enter the nerve at the site of the pain.

Typically, Numbing creams just need to be applied 45-60 minutes before a treatment. This is because they need adequate time to start numbing your skin to a sufficient level. It should be applied with a smooth rubbing technique. The reason for doing this is that it can help ease any ingrown hairs. The treatment shoulddestroy the hair follicles. But, this only happens in an ideal situation.

Simply, apply a thick layer of numbing cream on the site before. Make sure your hands are clean and you are wearing gloves to avoid infection. Cover the cream for about an hour. Now wipe of the cream. You’re ready to undergo the procedure.


What’s cool about these numbing creams is that most of them can be obtained without medical prescription. Just make the right choice. A numbing cream with 5% Lidocaine is said to be the ideal numbing solution, like DR. Numb. Also, the numbing cream you buy should be approved by the FDA. Taking these points into consideration can help you avoid unwanted circumstances and side-effects.

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