What You Can Do to Treat Tongue Piercing Infection?

July 27, 2016   935

Tongue piercing infection is painful and creates an utter discomfort. But with some precautions and treating tips you can lower these painful symptoms.

Tounge Piercing

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Getting your tongue pierced is one of the exciting and overwhelming things to do. But it is bit challenging as you may feel discomfort and the healing time may be up to 2-3 weeks. What if your pierced tongue doesn’t show the signs of heal or improvement? It means you may have caught the infections. As your tongue is the sensitive and tender part, you may experience pain and discomfort. Instead of worrying over the symptoms, you can do some useful things to alleviate the tongue infections and promote the healing.

However, knowing all the symptoms and treatments for an infectious tongue pierce can help you in healing process.

First of all, you need to recognize the signs and symptoms of infected tongue piercing.

  • Redness and Red Steak
  • Swelling
  • Yellowish Pus
  • Pain
  • Sensation and Chilling
  • Fever

Remember, you can make the symptoms worse by taking off the stud, causing drainage and bleeding.

And these are the factors that are also responsible for tongue piercing infection.

  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Unhygienic piercing conditions and infectious piercing tools
  • Touching the pierced tongue with dirty hands
  • Not taking “piercing aftercare” seriously
  • Injuries on the tongue

So, here are the tips to treat the tongue piercing infection.

Clean the Area:

After observing above mentioned tongue piercing signs, clean the area first before using any medication or lotion.

To clean the infected portion of tongue piercing, use anti-bacterial solution such as saline water solution. All you need to fill a syringe with saline water or solution and shot it on the affected area. A syringe method is effective as it only targets the particular area. Plus, you can use a mouthwash (non-alcoholic) to rinse the mouth. Swirl the solution for 10 seconds in your mouth and spit it out. Make sure you don’t swallow it as it contains bacteria.

Treat the Swelling:

After cleaning the tongue, you can apply lotion or medication for treating it. Swelling is the common sign occurring after your tongue is pierced. Since piercing involves a hole on your tongue, swelling may lead to the pain and tightness in the entire tongue.

Sucking an ice cube is the instant and easy way to recue tongue swelling. Ice cube acts like a cold compress as it lowers the blood flow to the infected portion. Use it 2-3 times a day to heal the swelling.

As you know that removing the stud may worse the things, giving a warm compress is really handy in this situation. All you need to soak a cotton ball into the warm salt water and dab it onto the infected tongue piercing. It is helpful to ease the pain and promote the healing.

Use Antibiotics:

Fever and chilling sensation are the common symptoms you get after the tongue piercing. This is why you must use oral antibiotics and painkiller to bring improvement in your condition.

(Please consult your physician first before taking any medicine.)

A Last Note:

These home remedies are useful for tongue piercing infection. However, if they are not effective enough, you must seek a medical infection as soon as possible to prevent the further infection.

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