Who Can Perform Dermabrasion?

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Dermabrasion is a procedure, which have been broadly used to soften the scar contours, treat serious acne or post-surgical scars, and help in better results in a few reconstructive surgical methods on the face and neck.Who Can Perform Dermabrasion

Dermabrasion comprises of removing the superficial layers of the epidermis by scratching the skin with a sharp instrument, for example, wire brush, diamond fraise, or even sterile sandpaper.

Dermabrasion – Medical or Cosmetic

Dermabrasion is a surgical method and is practiced by a plastic specialist prepared in cosmetic surgery, to enhance the outcomes and stay away from undesirable impacts, for example, hyperpigmentation after the operation.

Any method which goes beyond the most superficial levels of the epidermis falls into the category of a medical rather than a cosmetic treatment, even if it is intended to remove cosmetic flaws, for example, scars or wrinkles.

Only licensed physicians, either plastic surgeons or dermatologists, enrolled nurses, or assistant doctors may perform it, and that too under medical supervision.

How it is done?

This is done to the level of the scar to be treated. The resulting injury is then secured with balm or a dressing and treated cautiously for a few weeks so that it heals naturally.

The skin appears raw and red, the moment you are done with the procedure. The swelling may hold on all through the time of early healing. Thus, the normal facial blush is normally achieved by about 12 weeks.


Dermatologists are specialists who have trained to take care of the largest organ in the body- the skin. Their practice includes treating conditions of the hair, nails and mucous films of the nose, mouth and eyelids.

A few of the diseases they treat include paronychia, dystrophy of the nails, acne and dermatitis. Furthermore, dermatologists help patients to rectify the presence of their skin, hair and nails.

They may help in lessening the effects of age spots, acne scarring, wrinkles, and also helps in restoring the appearance after reconstructive surgery.

Before fixing an appointment with you, they’ll ask you a few questions. If they felt that you are too sensitive to bear the pain, they’ll apply a topical numbing cream, like Dr. Numb, to make you feel comfortable.

Plastic Surgeons

Plastic surgeons are medical experts who have prepared to perform reconstructive surgery.

Their goal is to reestablish or enhance both the form and function of the worked body part, rather than just a cosmetic alteration which changes the presence of a working body part.

Dermabrasion is a part of the cosmetic surgery arsenal, which demands further training in cosmetic surgery, which likewise include tummy tucks, hair recovery or breast growth procedure.

Many of the plastic surgeons have completed at least 6 years of residency programs after completing basic medical training.

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