What You Can Do to Make a Tattoo Hurt Less?

April 29, 2017   331

Tattoo are said to be a method of self-expression. It is probably the biggest reason why young and old all going gaga over this form of body art. In case, you are keeping yourself away from tattooing, just for a reason that it causes pain, you don’t need to do it anymore. Find out some ways to make it painless.What You Can Do to Make a Tattoo Hurt Less

Want to get a tattoo? Planning to get your beau’s name inked? Or want to go traditional with your community’s symbol?

Whatever the reason is behind tattooing, one thing is common- they showcase a part of your personality. However, for some, the thought of the tattoo needle can be seriously frightening.

If you ask people with tattoo, whether it was painful or not, different people will have different answers. For some it would be “a little” and some would say “a lot”. Surely, the insertion of needle will cause pain. How much you feel, depends on your threshold.

For those who want a tattoo but are afraid of the pain, need to learn about few ways they can try to make it pain free. Below are listed some key points to help;

Choose the location carefully

This is something you need to do in advance, i.e. before entering a tattoo parlor. It will help minimize pain during the entire tattooing process. If you feel that you cannot bear even mild pain, make sure you select a part which is less sensitive. There is a general rule- more your skin is exposed to the elements, less sensitive it will be.

Avoid bony areas and areas with a high concentration of nerve endings. You can pick areas which covered by muscle also tend to be less painful.

Prepare well

There are many things you can do to prepare yourself for a perfect tattoo, and surely it will help in reducing pain.

  • Take proper rest before you go for your tattoo appointment.
  • Have a good meal before you arrive; a full stomach keeps your blood sugar level maintained.
  • Don’t apply a moisturizer just before the process.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption and smoking.

Try for distraction

What about having a friend along on your tattoo appointment? Yes, a talkative friend can keep your attention focused on something else, and not on the pain. If you cannot bring a friend, look for some other options. Meditation can help, or your favorite music, or whatever you like.

Numbing solution

This is one stop solution to make the entire process of tattooing painless. How?

It is simple; numbing creams like Numb Skin, Dr. Numb, Skin Numbing, etc. comes with an active element. Basically, it is lidocaine, the active element, which blocks the pain signals at the nerve ending. You can choose any of them with 5% lidocaine and apply it before you start with tattoo. On application, it will numb the area for more than 3 hours and your artist can work easily.

Even after the process is over, i.e. during the healing process, if it pains or itching increases, you can use these numbing creams once again. It will soothe skin up to great extent.

So, don’t fear from the pain. Go for tattooing and go stylish!

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