How Can I get my Tattoos Removed without Pain?

November 01, 2016   557

Getting a tattoo is painful and the process to remove it is even more painful. While most of us wear our tattoos with pride, there are some of us who regret their ink and want it removed for some reason. Over the years, laser tattoo removal technique has become the prime way to remove tattoos. Laser treatment is not full proof, but it does make the tattoo look lighter.

Tattoo Pain

In spite of its high cost and associated pain, thousands of people undergo laser treatment for tattoo removal each year.

If you are someone who regrets the tattoo you’re wearing and want to permanently remove it at any cost you can go the laser treatment way. Well, it’s perfectly alright to be worried about the pain you’re going to experience in the process. Just to help people like you, Dr Numb has come to rescue with its numbing cream (an over the counter topical anesthetic cream) that helps you remove tattoos without pain.

Dr Numb is a highly recommended and trusted numbing cream on the market. The cream is used by a host of dermatologists, tattoo artists and surgeons around the globe.

The numbing cream comprises Lidocaine and it is recommended by FDA in the United States. The main ingredient of the cream, Lidocaine is an effective anesthetic. The cream can be applied topically as local anesthetic to cause numbness in the nerve endings to minimize pain.

Using numbing cream in laser treatment

Numbing cream such as Dr Numb is being used for minimizing pain associated with laser treatment. The cream can be easily applied and it safe to use in laser treatment for tattoo removal.

The process is – apply a thick layer of numbing cream on the portion to be worked on, about an hour or two before the treatment. Cover the area with a cloth and leave it there for 45 minutes. Remove the cream softly when you start to experience numbness. The effect of numbing cream will last for 60 to 90 minutes. 

By numbing the skin before the treatment, you are assured to experience lesser pain. This will be largely bearable as opposed to excruciating pain that you may experience otherwise.

Using ice packs in laser treatment

Besides the numbing cream, ice pack is surprisingly a useful option to minimize tattoo removal pain. The cost effective and easy to use ice packs also work by numbing the skin. Just place an ice pack over the area to be treated for about 15 minutes. The portion of the skin will be numbed and it will make the tattoo removal processor less painful.

The only downside of using ice packs to numb the skin portion is that it cannot numb the skin during the laser treatment. Ice packs can only be used to numb the skin before or after the treatment.

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