Can Dr.Numb® Cream Be Used as Body Pain Relief

August 13, 2015   1234

Sometimes even a slight headache can turn out to be an ordeal for you. Besides the painkillers, numbing creams are also a good option to fight off the extreme pain caused due to a bad headache, a surgery or may be bone disorder.

Can Dr.Numb® Cream Be Used as Body Pain Relief

Body pain can be caused due to several reasons and sometimes it becomes difficult to find the root cause of the pain.

Following are some of the reasons for extreme pain in your body that requires immediate attention.

1. Cluster headaches
Cluster headaches are also famous by the name ‘suicide headaches’ because of the agonizing pain they cause which forces an individual to take his own life. There are as such no symptoms for cluster headaches. They can appear suddenly and result into a sharp, piercing pain around one eye. These attacks can last for three hours and sometimes more.
Cluster headaches are considered to be the most throbbing type of headaches which are even worse than migraine pain.
2. Frozen shoulder
This is another painful body condition which if neglected can continue to trouble you for many years. The joints become so stiff that practically it becomes so difficult to carry on routine activities like lifting a glass, taking off your shirt and even combing your hair.
There are no clear evidences on what causes frozen shoulder. Sometimes, a serious shoulder or arm injury can also lead to extreme shoulder pain.
3. Back Pain
Now days, Back pain is as widespread as the common cold and eight out of 10 people experience this at some point in their lives.
There are several reasons which can result in back pain. Slipped disc, improper sitting posture, lifting heavy weights, lack of exercise or injury can lead to an agonizing back pain. Painkillers are generally taken for getting relief from it but there are alternative therapies such as physiotherapy as well for back pain relief.
4. Arthritis
Arthritis causes excruciating pain in joints mainly the hip joints, knees joint, wrists and even fingers. It generally occurs with age due to muscle aches and increase in stiffness in joints. Otherwise, arthritis can occur at any point in life due to lack of exercise or improper nutrition or even hereditary factors.
Other than medicines, exercise and a healthy diet is the best way to get out of it.
5. Pain after an operation
It is natural to experience pain after surgery, irrespective of the type of operation you underwent. Sometimes even a small mole removal surgery can result into intense pain.
But there’s a limit to which one can tolerate pain and of course extreme pain is not good for your health.
Although there are many painkillers available to treat the pain after the surgery but sometimes the pain goes beyond the control of medicines.

Body pain relief with Dr Numb

A numbing is also a good option against medicines to relieve oneself of the agonizing pain that can be experienced due to certain reasons. A numbing cream can make the skin insensitive and thereby making the body not experience pain for some time.
Numbing creams are even used in many dermatological techniques such as bikini wax, tattooing, wart removal and many more.
But it can also be used post surgery or in case of an extreme headache or for relieving any kind of pain in the body.
Dr Numb’s cream is one of the most popular numbing creams which are used by many doctors and tattoo artists to give their customers a pain free treatment. Dr Numb’s cream contains 5%lidocaine which is declared safe by FDA to be used for skin purposes.
At times of extreme pain such as labor pain, Dr numb’s cream can be used to make the pain bearable for the individual.

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