Buying a Numbing Cream? Here are the Top Things to Consider

February 18, 2017   1798


Are you going to buy numbing cream for tattoos? Wait! Know these things first to choose the right one for you.Buying a Numbing Cream Here are the Top Things to Consider

A tattoo numbing cream reduces your pain throughout the tattooing by blocking the nerve endings. Therefore, numbing cream encourages the people to have tattoo who otherwise dropped the idea because of the pain.

However, not all numbing creams are equal. This is because of their numbing formula, application, and an efficiency to keep your pain in control.

So, you must be extra careful while choosing the numbing cream for your tattoos, especially when there are plethora of brands to choose from.

Instead of being taken away by glossy packaging, use these tips to find a right numbing cream for your tattoos.

Check Active Ingredient:

Lidocaine is an active ingredient in numbing cream and should not be more than 5%. It numbs the nerve ending being responsible for carrying pain signal to the brain.

Like lidocaine, benzocaine and tetracaine are the widely used numbing agents in many brands. However, they are not as efficient as lidocaine.

You can use Dr. Numb cream which has 5% lidocaine for the safe numbing of your skin.

Choose the Water Based Cream:

After numbing agent, check the consistency of a numbing cream. Water based creams complement tattoo making process as they let the ink rest on the skin properly. Besides, you can wipe off the water based numbing cream easily.

Pre Tattooing or Post Tattooing Numbing Cream?

Some tattoo numbing creams are used before the process while some are used in middle or after the process. Whereas pre-tattooing numbing cream prepares the skin for bearing the pain, post tattooing numbing cream eases the penetration pain in the middle of the process. However, you must use the strong numbing cream like Dr. Numb to feel less or no pain throughout the process, requiring you not to shop other numbing cream.

Ask Your Tattoo Artist for Recommendations:

A tattoo artist handles lots of customers using anesthetic creams, making him familiar with the efficiency of various brands. This is why you can ask them which numbing cream brand can work. Well, many tattoo artists recommend Dr. Numb numbing cream for tattoos.

Follow the Guidelines Given on the Pack:

Not all numbing creams are same so are the directions to use given on their pack.

 How long you have to wear the anaesthetic cream? What to do before applying it or how to remove it? Wearing it for less than required time will not activate the numbing effect while exceeding the time frame can cause side effects. 

Here the common guidelines to use numbing cream.

  • Wash the area with soap and water
  • Pat dry with clean towel
  • Apply the good amount of numbing cream
  • Cover the area with a plastic wrap to generate the heat
  • After the prescribed time period (given on the pack) remove the wrap to get ready for your tattoo session.

(Note: Please consult your dermatologist before if you have skin condition or skin sensitivity problem.)

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